A Spoonful of Sugar

Making every day life as a mom just a little bit sweeter.

Home Alone March 19, 2010

Well, I actually had a full 24 hours by myself yesterday without my kids. *Ahem* …let me try that again.


There…that’s better. What did it take to get 24 to myself?

It took my yearly (even though I haven’t been in 7 years) women’s doctor appointment.

Yippy Skippy.

Yup, I had to do it. It was just time. Way overdue, but now it’s over. Yay me. So, because my doctor is an hour and a half away from my house and my hubby’s fam lives in the same town, I had dinner with an amazing friend, went to church with her and spent the night at a friend-of-the-family’s vacation home…all by myself. Very strange. Very quiet.

I enjoyed the evening I had all to myself, besides texting my 12-yr.-old and keeping up with what was going on at home through her. (We weren’t going to get her a phone until she was 13, but I got tired of relying on everyone else’s cell phone every time I wanted to get up with her when she wasn’t with me… getting her the phone was really a gift for me! = ) Sneaky Mommy!)

I got up this morning, in my silent surroundings, went to breakfast with my sis-in-law, did a little grocery shopping and drove home. I came home to a quiet, empty house, which was good because it allowed me to put all of my groceries away and clean out the fridge, pantry, etc…you know the routine.

Within a moment, my day went from ridiculously quiet and calm, to feeling like I had just walked into the best party in town. They crashed through the front door laughing and playing around so hard that they immediately started sprinting for the bathrooms. It was then that I remembered what they had been doing with Dad all day…painting the new shed behind the church. (It makes me laugh now thinking about it because he literally dropped the girls off at home, and took off again like a shot to go finish some work without saying a word…I guess he was ready for his quiet time! Hee hee!)

The girls after a day painting with Dad!

They were covered! This picture doesn’t do it justice, but it gives you an idea. They had so much white paint in their hair it looked like they were ready for a hamburger and a cup of coffee at McDonalds…if you catch my drift!

They had a blast painting with their Dad, and they missed me, which they don’t often get the opportunity to do, so all-around, it was a good day.

And now my home was immediately filled with all of the wonderfully familiar sounds of chaotic motherhood. Quiet is good …but only for a little while.


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