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My Big Fat Plans March 3, 2011

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Ok, so I won’t go on and on about how I haven’t blogged….

life changed….things were hard…blah, blah, blah…love me or hate me, I’m here now. Enough said.


During my ‘absence’ a new development took place in the Chance household.

My oldest daughter, (now 13…holy toledo ‘I’m feeling old-ER’) is going to a local Christian school.

Yes, me, the die-hard home school mom actually agreed to this preposterous plan. Hmm.

Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Actually…it’s been the best thing for her.

Not necessarily the best thing for ME, but like I’ve always told you guys….



I so wish it was!

However, I started noticing that she was losing her ‘joy’……

not good for a 13 yr. old girl whose middle name should’ve been Joy.

Here’s the story.

She came to me in mid October and stated that she’d been praying for months about going to school.

She said she was praying about whether it was just because she wanted to be there,

or if God wanted her to go.

She also talked about being ‘bored’ and that is practically a cuss word for a home school mom.

How do you argue with that? Not very successfully, obviously.

After many talks, including one where I told her she needed to ‘do her homework’.

She needed to talk to a panel of her peers and find out the good, the bad, and the ugly about both sides.

Home schooling verses Christian school.

I also told her she needed to obtain wise council from adults that she knew and trusted

and that knew her….her pick.

I thought that was fair..to her and to me.

(No, I didn’t sabotage the process…although I was tempted!)

She had already talked to her dad who of course stayed ‘kinda’ neutral.

He was ‘for’ her going, but understands the purpose behind home schooling.

Alot of help he was…kidding.

So, my incredibly motivated, determined, smart, sweet,

and absolutely integrious 13 year old first born girl did what she does best.

Exactly what I told her to do.

I was impressed with who she chose to draw her guidance from….not biased…very honest and fair.

Within 2 days, she had made all of her phone calls, made all of her lists, and presented me with her case.

Of course, all the while I was praying…..after all, what’s a mom to do?

Ok, I admit it, I prayed WHILE doing the laundry, and the dishes, and the…..well, you get the point.

The result? I had more peace about her going to school than I care to say.

After all, MY plan…my BIG FAT PLAN was to ‘home school my kids all the way through school….

to go on amazing field trips and make school so absolutely incredible

that my kids would never want it any other way………….’


Needless to say, Kaitlyn started Christian school in November, uniform and all.

She made the A honor roll, and a 4.0 GPA her first semester there, cheering,

all the while still keeping up with her ministerial obligations at church.

Oh, and not short of that, my girlie made

Homecoming Queen for the 7th grade only 2 months into it.

Go figure.


Totally kidding.

So, who was I to get in the way? The mom who says it’s ‘my way or the highway’?

I always promised God, my husband and my children that

I would have an open spirit to what God wants for them….including school.

The result? A much happier 13 year old girl….much happier….which makes me happy….

even though I still cry about it every day.

Well, almost every day.

I miss her. Terribly.

But, like I’ve been told…it’s a part of life.

I still feel peace through my tears, though, and that’s what’s important.

Life takes turns, mama.

That’s why you should always wear your seat belt and have your hands at 10 and 2.

You never know when that curve is gonna come.

So, my ‘big fat plans’ changed……what else is new?

Here’s my girl as ‘Homecoming Queen for 7the Grade’ 2010.

Think she needs a paci?

……maybe not so much, mama.

Thanks for listening.


May Moving Madness~I’m Always Hiring May 27, 2010

Because of this:

I re-posted this short but sweet little tidbit of mommy 411 for your arsenal. It’s a goodie for sure… I myself appreciated the reminder!


When my girls seem to have nothing better to do than to instigate problems, or start trouble with one another, I give them a job. My oldest daughter, as smart, kind, and wonderful as she is, just can’t help herself sometimes. She gets to feeling feisty, and messes around with her younger sisters. It happened about five minutes ago.

She’s giggly today, with lots of energy. Not always a good combination. I heard her go to the back of the house and stir up something with her youngest sister. “Stop it Kaitlyn!” is all I heard. I called Kaitlyn into the room, and calmly said, “It’s obvious to me that you need an occupation…clear the table from lunch, please.” “Yes ma’am…” was her reply.

Now, that didn’t stop her from laughing and being silly, but, it gave her an outlet for some of that energy, it intercepted what was going on between her and her sister, and I got the table cleaned off. Bonus! I tell my girls that I’m always hiring…if you need a job, I’ll give you one. For me, it’s multi-tasking without lifting a finger!

Sometimes they just need some re-direction. If I disciplined my kids for every little thing, they’d be in trouble 24/7. As I’ve said before, pick your battles. Re-direct when you can. It keeps things more sane for you, and less dramatic for them, and everyone goes to bed happier.


May Moving Madness~The Boomerang Theory May 22, 2010

As you can see by this:

things are getting pretty stressful around here.

I don’t want to bore you with the details…you know, the tape, the boxes, the permanent markers, the packing lists, the, the….

oh, sorry… I said I wouldn’t bore you…my bad!

Although this journey has been a definite faith builder as I described in this post, it’s still stressful, tiring and well…

let’s just say that I wouldn’t go straight to fun.

We’re at a point where most of our stuff is in boxes, so it’s difficult to look around and see home, and for me, that’s hard.

I said yesterday that I was going to post about the two awards I received, and pass them on to other bloggers today,

but I’m going to need a little more time in order to do it well. I don’t want to just throw it together.

That wouldn’t be fair to the recipients.

They deserve more than that, so I will be honoring them in a future post.

Besides, I need to share with you a Mommy tidbit that I had to chew on yesterday and it got stuck in my teeth.

Here’s my story:

As a SAHM, this is my home, my office, my retreat, my workplace, and, well, my domain.

It’s hard to feel put together when everything around me is pulled apart.

Yes, I know that God is in charge, and I only have ten days to go.

That’s what keeps the little bit of sanity left in my brain from jumping out the window.

Well, that and my amazing husband and three incredible daughters.

Yesterday, I gave my 12 year old a plastic bin and told her to put all of their DVD’s in it so that they were packed, but accessible.

Well, she took them out of cardboard box #38, and put them in the bin as I had requested.

Great, right? Well, when I walked in her room 20 minutes later, I looked at the lid of that white bin that I had given her,

and saw that she had ‘labeled’ the lid of the bin in huge black permanent marker, canceling out any further plans I had for it.

It now looked like one of her journals, with flowers, smiley faces, exclamation points adorning it from corner to corner,

and a big #38 circled in the center and her name in block letters underneath.

Now, you would think that maybe I should look at that and say, “Aww! How cute! Look how creative she is!

She even labeled and numbered it appropriately keeping up with her psycho mommy’s packing list!”

No. I didn’t. My OCD took over and I flipped out.

“What were you thinking?!” I believe is the first thing I said. Then I think I followed it with:

“Now I can’t use that bin for anything else! I can’t get that marker off of there!

It’s not a cardboard box we’re just going to throw away!”

Brilliant. Great job, Mom. Way to go.

“I’m sorry, Mom! But I took some of those DVD’s out of Box #38, and it’s already listed on the packing list!

So I thought I had to label that too, or we’d be looking for box #38 and it wouldn’t be here!”


Why was I so mad? Why couldn’t I seem to quickly get past this one? What the big deal!? It’s a stupid plastic bin!


I knew I was totally overreacting! IT’S JUST A BIN, PEOPLE!!! I wanted to scream!

I wanted to scream because I was really mad, but knew I was being really ridiculous!!

So, I turned, walked out of her room, into mine, closed slammed the door, and finished getting ready.

We were leaving to go to the graduation that my Home Economics class catered last night.

The whole “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

principle that our moms drilled into our heads as kids?

Yeah, well, Moms? That applies to us, too. Walk away. Storm away if you have to!

Trust me, it’s far less damaging than spitting fiery hurtful words out at our kids and

expecting them to come out on the other side of our emotional explosion unscathed.

Ten minutes later, she walked in my room, sheepishly. “I’m sorry Mom.” she said.

Still upset, (for no reason that I can give that’s worth a flip) I looked at her and said,

“I know you are. I also know that I shouldn’t be as angry as I am and I can’t explain it. I am angry.

Furious! But I shouldn’t be and I don’t know what to say.”

Sometimes being completely honest with your kids, especially at that age, is the most beneficial.

They’re not stupid, and they have the memory of an elephant.

I’d rather my girls remember my crazy moments as times where they were able to have compassion for me,

instead of them causing wounds that will scar over and be a constant reminder of the hurt I put them through.

“As angry as I feel,” I said, “I know you did what you thought was right,

and I appreciate you trying to keep up with my lists and my crazy rules. I can’t explain my attitude,

but you need to know that it’s not about you, and I need to get over myself. Just bear with me.”

Just then, my ten-year-old walked in. Her middle name is Grace. Her first name also means Grace.

God knew what He was doing with that one.

She looked at me in my sorry attitudinal state and said, “We have Grace Tickets for you too, Mom.”


Well, I wouldn’t say that yesterday was the greatest Mommy day for me,

and I certainly wouldn’t say that I’m proud of my attitude,or my lack of ability to show self-control,

but I can definitely say that I experienced the Grace of God through my girls.

They hugged me, loved me, and softened my hard attitude in a matter of minutes.

No matter what that silly bin represented in my warped scattered mind, when it comes down to it, it’s only a bin.

A silly plastic bin that can be replaced in a matter of minutes with less money than I spent at the Dollar Store last week.

Weigh it moms. Pick your battles. Don’t allow your narrow-minded plans to dictate your attitude or reactions.

It may be permissible, but it’s certainly not beneficial.

You will definitely experience yourself through your children…good or bad, as a mirrored image.

So, allow me to give you a friendly woman to woman, mommy to mommy reminder.

What you put in those kids will inevitably come back to either haunt you, or bless you.

It’s what I call the Boomerang Theory.

You know, the whole ‘reaping what you sow’ thing?

It’s really true, and it really works….for you, or against you. Good or bad.

We are all going to have days that don’t exactly put us in the running for Mom of the Year.

It’s a good thing that kids don’t expect perfection, and neither does God.

They are not glaring down at us when we show our ugly sides and imperfections, but it’s our reactions to,

and whether or not we are ruled by those imperfections that dictates the outcome and ultimately our reputation.

Although I was irrational in my behavior and wasn’t proud of my attitude,

by stepping back, being honest and allowing room for Grace to be spilled, there was success in the end.

What emotional boomerang are you throwing out there that will inevitably come right to you?


Speechless… May 10, 2010

I decided to join this blog carnival that I found via The Miller Mix. I love reading Kelly’s writing, and today was no exception. Her post on ‘Courage’ was outstanding, so, I checked out Momalom.com and decided I wanted in.

Well, it wasn’t too difficult to come up with this post, because it was something that happened just the other day, and is so vivid in my mind…

I can’t type fast enough!

As you know, by reading previous posts, that we are moving in exactly 26 days. Yup, 26 DAYS! You would think that after living in 9 different homes in 13 and 1/2 years that it wouldn’t be a huge deal. You would think… However, it still can be pretty stressful. Not just the packing and unpacking. No…we’re talking the rental agreements, the signing and exchanging of the lease, having every little detail in writing so that everyone stays ‘friendly’, getting the utilities put in your name, ordering the cable and DSL package, or whatever will make computer life happy, the moving truck details, getting the right size boxes and having enough packing tape and sharpie pens so that when they go missing in a sea of newspaper and bubble wrap, it’s not the end of the world… changing my meal planning to paper plate menus and one pot meals, keeping out enough toys to keep the little ones happy, but packing enough to keep the living spaces sane….*breath taken here* Shall I go on? I didn’t think so. You get it.

So, after having most of these things taken care of, and I think I’m well on my way to success, my phone rings. It’s the real estate agent. He’s spoken to the home owner, and decides 26 days before the occupancy date, to drop this bomb:

Our cats are not allowed to occupy the home with us !

Our boys…who we have had for over 6 years, are not allowed!! Now, this is after a full 6 months of searching for that perfect home….in our price range…with the right amount of space for a home-schooling family of five (with incredible references including a husband who can build or fix anything on the property, mind you) and one who allowed pets. Well, the last part was obviously a mis-communication.

My heart sunk to the middle of my stomach.



THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on man! They are fat, lazy, de-clawed cats who delight in getting an ice-cube from the ice maker a few times a day for entertainment!

How much damage could they possibly do?!

Immediately I begin to panic. Now, mind you, I am not the panicky type. Emotional, outspoken and very out-going, yes, but I usually handle stress fairly well. But being completely honest, I think my coping tank was on ‘E’ at this point and I couldn’t take one more situation that was going to force me into hard-core ‘faith mode’. Do I trust God? Yes. Am I human? You bet I am. So, as fast as my little fingers could go, I began to research. More rentals, more dead ends. More phone calls, more answering machines. I had tears in my eyes, and a lump in my throat as I listened to my three precious girls behind me, playing in the background, laughing, without a clue as to what was happening.

My oldest daughter, still laughing from whatever silly conversation they were all having, stopped dead in her tracks once she caught a glimpse of my face. There was no faking this one. She slowly sauntered over to me, her long legs moving so slow I felt as if the whole room had stood still.

With her eyebrows raised in concern and her thin little lips pursed, she quietly asked, “Mom…what’s wrong?”

That’s all it took. I burst into tears (no thanks to my premenstrual condition), looked at her and spilled it.

By this time, the other two girls had come over, speechless. Mommy is not only losing it, but she’s crying? That can’t be good!

Here I was, the one who had been spouting out declarations of faith, and trust in God, and confidence in our decision to make this crazy move,

now crying like a baby and displaying more fear in a matter of moments than I had the last 6 months!

(I know, you’re thinking, wasn’t this supposed to be a post about courage? I’m getting to it.)

She looked at me, put both of her sweet dainty little hands on my knotted-up shoulders and simply said, “Mom…you don’t have to worry about it.”

Still unmoved by her sweet voice, I continued on in my rant, “Yes! Yes I DO!

Either we have to find another place to live, or we have to find a home for the boys! What am I going to do!?”

I couldn’t believe those words were actually coming out of my mouth! What an idiot! Great job, Mom! Way to go!

‘And the award for the worst mom goes to……..’

I can hear it now!

But before God would allow my pity party to continue any longer, my brave, courageous, beautiful, strong 12-year-old grabbed my knotted-up shoulders even more firmly, stared straight into my distraught, tear-filled eyes, and with a still, small voice said,

“No Mom. You don’t. What have you been saying to us? Not only for the last few months, but for as long as I can remember? God has it. He always had, and He always will. Every detail, right? You’ve always said, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow…it has enough trouble of its own’, right?”

I stared at her as if our ages had transferred in a matter of minutes, just nodding my head.

“Well then,” she continued “there’s nothing to do but pray, and wait…and get off of that computer. You need a break!”

What could I say? I was speechless! It was perfect! She couldn’t have rebuked me any more loving or respectful that that! Absolutely spot on!!!

I looked at my girl, my heart swelling with more love, mommy pride and peace than ever, and just said,

“You’re absolutely right, baby….absolutely right.”

She had diffused every ounce of worry my heart had previously housed in a matter of seconds!

‘What a slacker!’ I thought to myself…but before I could run away with that thought and once again, try to make it all about me’,

I was reminded of this:

No, it’s because of all of the times I didn’t slack. All the times that my husband and I did share with them

our faith in the One who is bigger than any problem or circumstance,

and our courage of belief that enabled this brave moment to come to pass.

God showed up and allowed her the opportunity to lay her faith on the table and challenge mine.

It was powerful!

One thing that has definitely changed since that day is the respect I have for my oldest daughter.

I have always respected her, don’t get me wrong. But she showed a courage, a wisdom and strength beyond her years that particular day.

I am so thankful that in my weakness, she displayed her strength, and that I, in turn, had the courage to receive it.

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say,

in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”

I Timothy 4:12, NLT

For more awesome stories about courage, other fun topics, and to join in on the fun, visit www.momalom.com.


Dip, Drool, Drizzle and Giggle! May 8, 2010

Today is our Mother-Daughter Banquet at church. I certainly have the whole ‘mother and daughter’ part of this shindig covered, wouldn’t you say? The church asked my Mom-in-Law (who is a pastor) to speak. My oldest daughter will be playing the guitar, my middle daughter will be on the drums, I will be singing, and of course,my little one will be greeting people at the door. Pretty awesome, huh? Talk about a family affair! My hubby is the pastor, but he’s not invited.  No boys allowed!

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday afternoon for the decorations and such, then went to the church to set it all up. I took Gracie and Monkey with me to help (my middle and youngest.) It’s a good thing, too, or I’d have been there forever! They were such a huge help…(although I did allow them the choice to either keep their punishment from earlier and go to bed early, or come help me set up. Of course, they chose to help. Smart girls! Who am I kidding…smart mommy! I was outta there in like half the time!)

Afterwards, I came home and started on my ‘dessert offering’ for the banquet. I was also going to make my ‘meal offering’ which was my rockin’ chicken salad on croissants, (to be posted next week) but it was already quarter to eleven. Oops. Oh well, late night again! As I started to set up, all three of my girls came into the kitchen, washed their hands and turned to me with a smile. Now, it’s certainly not routine for my children to be awake and ready to go at eleven o’clock at night, much less me being ready to begin a project like this at that time, but looking at the amount of work  ahead of me, I smiled back and set up their stations. My little sous chefs were ready to party!

OOOHH! Chocolate covered strawberries drizzled with white chocolate!

(I think the inevitable ‘chef’s snack’ as I call it, was definitely an incentive!)

Don’t they look yummy? I am definitely not a big fan of chocolate, but even I get excited about these!

I know, I know…you’re thinking “She’s nuts! Not a big fan of chocolate?!”

Nope…I don’t really get into sweets all that much.

However, I can be a sucker for Starburst and the most hard-core sour candy you can dish out from time to time!

How am I doin’ Mom?

I think she said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow…” like a hundred times!

Oh yeah, I think my help is fading….she’s using her non-dipping arm to hold her head up!

I think I lost the two younger ones around 11:45…and my oldest bailed about a half hour later.

I know it’s late, but we had fun, and it was a Friday night. They can sleep in.

We dipped. We drooled. We drizzled…and we definitely giggled.

Another fun memory for the “Remember that time we…” box.

Here’s the finished product in the fridge ready for the banquet:


Good thing I took this picture…I’ll use it as evidence if there are any missing strawberries when I take them out for the banquet in the morning…

Hmmmm we’ll see……?

Happy Saturday!


Stop, Look, and Listen! May 6, 2010

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I have a really bad habit of half-listening to my kids. Part of the reason for that is that we home-school, so they are with me 24/7, and they talk to me ALL DAY LONG! Especially my 7-year-old. She is definitely my chatty Kathy. I often tell her to breathe, for fear of her passing out due to lack of oxygen going into her lungs and the excess going out. (I only have myself to blame for that one…I myself could talk the hind leg off a horse!)
All three of my girls are funny, energetic little people, and I really enjoy who they are, but sometimes I feel like all that comes out of my mouth with all three of them is “uh-huh…yeah…wow”, but with very little excitement or enthusiasm. I get preoccupied and just listen, instead of really hearing them.

I noticed this the other day, and it bothered me. I don’t want to get to the point someday when my kids are all grown up, have families of their own, and I have regrets. I don’t want them growing up thinking that I am ‘too busy’ for them. Yes, I talk to my kids all day, but am I showing them that I am really interested in what they’re saying?

Really hearing our kids takes energy. Not because you don’t love them, or because you don’t care, or they don’t talk loud enough. It’s because a lot of their topics of conversation don’t particularly interest us. When they’re telling us about the latest ‘Sweet Life of Zack and Cody’ episode, we’re not always waiting on baited breath to hear how it ended. It may not be on the top of the list, but we still need to be attentive. Now I’m not saying that we have to stop everything we are doing, drop it all to sit in front of them like a groupie, but I know for myself, I need to stop, look and listen. Stop humoring their conversation, look at them, which shows them I’m giving them my attention, and listen to what they have to say and respond accordingly. I want to be their best audience! Even if it means telling them to ‘hold that thought’, until I can be completely attentive.

We hear all the time that ‘communication is the key’…well, communication goes both ways. I certainly expect their undivided attention when I am speaking to them, so I think it’s only fair to do the same, don’t you think? It shows them respect, and keeps those lines of communication wide open. It’s just another example of preventative maintenance. Being good listeners as moms gives the best example of how they can learn to do the same. You just never know what you might miss if you’re not really listening! Today, it may be about a Polly Pocket, or a Transformer, or about the latest Zack and Cody episode, but someday, it’ll be about a boy or girl they met, and we certainly wouldn’t want to give an inattentive ‘wow, really..uh.huh’ kind of response to that one because we weren’t really hearing them! Or even worse, because we haven’t listened all along, which translated to them means we just don’t care, they’d rather just text their friend about it. Yikes! That new episode of Zack and Cody is sounding pretty exciting right about now!


The Good, the Bad, and the Irony of it all April 22, 2010

The very first picture with all three sisters...*tear* the baby was just hours old!

Having three girls in five years can make for a very interesting home, including a bathtub full of conditioner and naked Barbies. When they were little, I did the whole ‘dress-them-in-the-same-color’ routine…that was cute. I have sweet pictures of all three of them together playing in the tub, playing store, dress-up, you know…the whole gamut. It’s great being able to buy ‘girl things’ knowing they will be easily passed down to the next. Hair bows, mini pedicures, fun with rollers, lots of tutus, you know…girl stuff! Those are just some of the benefits…there are plenty more, trust me.

Today, however, I am here to discuss the not-so-pleasant side of three out-going, talented, bright, prepubescent female personalities residing under the same roof.


{{{{“Oh, for the love of all things good and holy, why must they BICKER!!??”}}}}

Now, (pardon me while I flick my hair out of my eyes) I do realize that they are together 24-7. They sleep in each other’s rooms, they have meals together, school at the same table every day, play together, go to church together, etc…etc…etc… That would drive me insane, too. I know what you’re thinking. Hello! This is parenting 101! Just separate them!

Here’s the kicker…when I separate them, THEY GET UPSET!!! What is that!?

Ok, here’s my story:

We finished school, had a late lunch, and I started doing some work for the hubby on the computer. The girls decided to play a board game. (It’s amazing…the power of suggestion. All I did was take the board games out of the top of the closet and put them out…that tells me I need to put them on a lower shelf so they’re always accessible!) Side note, sorry.

So, I am typing away, trying to encourage the knots in my shoulder and neck to stay far, far away, and I ‘hear’ the girls finish their game (of course, my mom- bionic ears hear everything, whether I want them to or not) and they decide to play the Wii.

Then it starts.

They start to ‘whisper argue’ as I call it, as if I’m not catching the gist of their conversation. Nice try…I caught it alright, as the muscles in my neck and shoulders tighten their grip. Then, because neither one of them is relenting, it becomes an ‘I’m-trying-to-be-nice-but-she-is-not-listening’ voice. Now at this point, sometimes I can simply say, “GIRLS?” sternly, and the subject either gets changed, or they decide it’s not worth the trouble and they move on, allowing the angry neck and shoulder muscles to surrender their grip of death.

But then, there are the ‘OTHER TIMES’. The times where neither one of their sturdy spirits are willing to give in to the other. The times where each party is so sure that her point is valid, and worth standing up for that instead of the white flag of surrender, they are willing to stand back-to-back, walk ten paces, turn and fire, sending my neck and shoulders to the slaughter for sacrifice.

This was one of THOSE times.

“That’s it! I am done listening to this!” (I know, I sound like a genius.) Now for my all-time famous line…Oh, I know, you’re just bursting with anticipation! (*enter facetious tone here* ‘What could this brilliant home-schooling momma of 3 possibly say to top all of that!’) Well, I’m a pretty logical person. I like to say things to my kids that make sense, and give them words that I won’t have to eat later…too many emotional calories. They’re getting older, and they’re smart little people. I’m here to promote change in behavior, right? Well, if I’m going to change the behavior, I can’t just run with ‘that’s it, I am done listening to this’! I had to save myself! So, out came this one:

“You don’t live in a home where your parents bicker, do you?” The inevitable head shaking from all three of them is almost comical. “Well, then I refuse to live in a home where my children bicker. Since you can’t work it out, put it away. Go do your chores, then go outside and run off some of that fabulous energy.”

There…… that’s better… right? Did I recover?!

After three ‘Yes, ma’am’ ‘s, the smell of all-natural glass cleaner, the sound of rustling garbage bags, and the lifting of my keyboard so the duster could sweep off the computer desk, I had one little girl playing on the swings, one middle girl finding the best place for her ‘pet’ caterpillar and its new habitat that she made out of the largest pickle jar we had, and one big girl in her room playing her guitar and practicing the new songs her dad gave her. Yes!! It worked!!

Here they are right before 'IT' happened, playing a goofy game called 'Headbandz'. And I thought that silly game would be a good topic...

Oh wait… where are they NOW?



As for my shoulders? I made an appointment for a half-hour massage on Friday.

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