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One Good Reason… March 18, 2010

Filed under: Laughing out Loud,Parenting 101,Parenting Toddlers — Janine Chance @ 4:00 am

Ah yes, the endless days of sitting on the bathroom floor watching as your toddler’s legs practically go numb from sitting…waiting. Reading that Dr. Seuss book one more time, while you are thinking of all of the things piling up outside that bathroom door. Bills that need to be paid, laundry that needs to be washed, phone calls that need to be made…ugh. And you are in here…waiting.

That was child #1. You could’ve left it at that…then you had one more…

Child #2. You sit for a little while, then send in child #1 to read them a story, the ultimate in multi-tasking. Giving Child#1 the opportunity to practice their reading while entertaining Child #2. At the same time, you are allowing Child #1 and Child #2 to bond. Yes, while going potty. Strange hearing myself say it now, but totally rational at the time. While all of this is going on, you are picking up toys, folding laundry, and paying bills while putting your Mommy Management skills to use by passing by every few minutes to get a potty update, and inform Child #1 that she needs to call me when it’s ‘wrap up’ time…A.K.A.~Wipeage.

You could’ve even left it there…but…(no pun intended)

Child #3. You send them in by themselves to get on the potty, and call for Child #1 and Child #2 to take turns watching/entertaining Child #3. After about 5 minutes, both Child #1 and Child #2 have found much enjoyment in making Child #3 laugh, so they decide to stay in the bathroom and put on a show. Child #3 is laughing so hard by now that she experiences immediate success! But, that is no longer important, so she still stays on the potty, legs going numb, for fear of missing out on the finale. After 20 minutes, (now that I have completed my phone calls, mopped the kitchen floor, marinated the chicken for dinner, and vacuumed all of the Cheerios out of the high chair) I go in for the ‘wrap up’, only to find the bathroom vacated by all, which can mean one of three things. Child #1 endured the task of wipeage, Child #3 is running around naked, or it was long enough for ‘drip dry’ to occur and she pulled her pants up and went along her merry way.

This post may have more information than you cared for today, but the hard facts are difficult to mask. Life is definitely more exciting with three kids.  This is just one good reason to have more than one…Enjoy yours!


3 Responses to “One Good Reason…”

  1. lol that was so gross and yet funny! but really im good with the 2 kids that i have i cant handel n more right now. your such a trooper love ya girl

  2. Kelly Says:

    I only have two. There are many times I send Javi in to keep her company. Glad to know I’m not the only one who does that!

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