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Just another reason… January 25, 2010

Filed under: Homeschooling — Janine Chance @ 6:44 pm

People ask me every day why I decided to home-school.  My pediatrician asked me this question just today.  “Well, I don’t think you have the time for this conversation, but I’ll try to make it brief…”

I made the decision to home-school my girls 6 years ago.  My amazing sister was already home-schooling her kids and was a huge inspiration to me.  I was scared, at first, but I started when my youngest was not even a year old.  Why in the world would I do that, you ask?  Well, I knew that if I could do it with a 9 month old, a 3 yr. old and a 1st grader, it would only get easier from there.

I was right.  It’s not an easy task, mind you,  but it did get easier, and I wouldn’t trade that time with my kids for anything.  This year I am teaching 1st, 4th, and 6th grade.  I’ve learned a lot along the way, about myself, and my girls.

We have good days, and bad ones…(those are the days I am looking for the closest public school where I can drop them all off …just kidding, sort of)…but, don’t worry, we  always came out on top…and are usually done with school before the kids in public school have eaten their lunch!  BONUS!

So, today I had to take my 7yr. old (the baby) to the doctor.   We packed up 3 subjects that we could do sitting in a doctor’s office, an extra reading book, just in case, and off we went.   By the time we finished seeing the doctor, my other two girls had finished half of their school work, and I didn’t have to worry about who was going to pick them up from school because I ended up having to take the little one for tests.

I was able to be the mom, and the teacher without breaking a sweat, and without regrets. 

This picture of my 7 yr. old is priceless to me.  Why in the world would this picture be priceless, you ask?  It’s because I was able to be there for all of it.  The doctor appointment, the English question, the reminder of  ‘yes ma’am, and ‘thank you’, the giggles in the office while waiting on the doctor, the words of encouragement and love when we had to get a shot….should I go on?  You get the picture.

If you’re thinking, ‘there’s no way I could ever…’  think again.  If I can do it, so can you.  You don’t give yourself enough credit.  You don’t have to have the patience of a saint, or  the money of Donald Trump.  You just have to have determination, and a love for your kids that no one else has.  God just seems to work out the details.


6 Responses to “Just another reason…”

  1. Kay Says:

    Well said! And nobody cares about your kids the way you ( we all) do. Noone will prepare them for success the way you do. No one will protect them the way you do. And you add to their lives plenty of group, social activities so they are well developed without risking their hearts.

  2. Laura Says:

    I just made up my mind to homeschool Samuel on Saturday. Really I had already had my mind up to send him to public school!!! Then I met a teacher who was working at Lowes. A few questions later and I along with the help of the Holy Spirit knew that is what I was supposed to do. Everything I have seen or researched since then has confirmed that is what Im supposed to do. Great piece Janine couldnt have come at a better time!!

    • 3girlmomblog Says:

      I am so happy for you…and so glad that your decision was confirmed…if you ever have any ques, or want to talk..please call me!!!!!!! email me and i’ll send my #….love you guys!

  3. alice macdougall Says:

    Whenever I meet a child who is being home schooled I tell them how blessed they are and that they must really be loved

  4. Jen Says:

    ~You wrote this for me didn’t you?!~
    It all makes amazing sense, when I’m reading it! Or when your telling me! Then I hang up & doubt myself way too much! What is wrong with me?! I guess I never looked at this as an option. until I met you, so I’m completely clueless! All I keep thinking about is when they start learning Algebra and chemistry (which I failed at!) How am I supposed to teach them? I guess you’ll just have to move back so you can home school mine too! Love ya, talk to ya soon…

  5. You are definitely the real deal!

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