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New Surroundings… July 13, 2010

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I know, I know…I’ve been a complete slacker.  Well, not really…

Actually, I’ve been so completely engaged it’s not even funny!   We literally haven’t stopped since we moved here!  That certainly is not a complaint, however, as we are absolutely loving life!  It almost feels strange to be sitting here in front of my computer screen…almost foreign….yikes!  I shudder at that thought!  My computer?   FOREIGN?   Not hardly!!!!  Ok, it was only for a  moment…I’m better now.  Whew!

Where to begin…  At the beginning you say?  Well ok… here goes.

So, we moved exactly one month, one week and five days ago.  I had my new house completely unpacked, pictures hung, and boxes empty in exactly 6 days.  I rested on the 7th day.  God did it, so I figured, why not follow the footsteps of the Master?  Just kidding…I didn’t realize that’s how long it took until I sat here and thought about it.  And actually, I didn’t rest on the 7th day.  God is way smarter than I am!  I haven’t rested until today…my body spoke to me last night and basically said, “That’s it, woman…I’m DONE!”  Not even the shirt could move me today!

I have just been so thrilled about our new surroundings and busy lifestyle that I haven’t wanted to stop!  It’s like being a kid at a carnival.  You just want to stuff that last piece of cotton candy in your mouth so bad even though you know your mom said ‘that’s enough…you’ll make yourself sick!’

Well, I stuffed it.  Was it worth it?  Oh yeah baby…you know it was!

So today, I rest.  Well, rest and blog.  (Don’t push it people…this is resting for me!)

Here are some highlights and FYI’s about this past month that I will be touching on in future posts:

1.  We still have Abby and she’s doing well.  It’s been a little rough because of the busy schedule, but we’re getting there and we love her dearly!

2.  All three of my girls have been to camp.  If you’ve never sent your kids…do it.  Find some camp that is suitable for your family and let them go…so important!  Especially when you home school…I’ll ‘splain later.

3.  Hosting movie nights at your house can be the most fun you’ve had in a while!

3.  We had a great yard sale in which we raised moolah for my oldest daughter’s trip to Detroit next month.  Very successful…I’ll be talking about the do’s and don’t’s of yard sales later on.  Hopefully I can save you some time and footwork!

4. And oh yeah….I’VE LOST 41 POUNDS SINCE THE MIDDLE OF APRIL!!!!  Yes, I did it.  I actually lost the unruly toddler I was carrying around my mid-section!  I haven’t wanted to blog about it because for me, it’s not accountability,  just stressful!  I know you’re wondering how I did it, so I’ll just say…come back and visit me tomorrow for the story of my weight loss journey.

So, here I am.  I haven’t abandoned you, and I hope you will continue to come visit me and make super sweet comments.  I have a whole arsenal of information, recipes and stories to share.  Stick around….it’ll be worth it!

Here are a few pics of the new crib…(quality is not so great…these were taken with my cell)

Just a few to give you an idea and welcome you in…I’ve missed you!


May Moving Madness~The Final Countdown May 31, 2010

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Can you even believe it?  I so can.  I’m so ready for this.

Moving a close distance makes it easier in some ways for sure, but busier.

A lot of back and forth trips can be equally as tiring.

Just as I was about to even entertain the thought that I was just too tired,

God tapped me on the shoulder, cleared His throat,and spoke five little words.

Five powerful, motivating little words that I share with my girls often…

“You can do ALL things.”

Philippians 4:13 says,

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”

It was a kind, quiet reminder that I’m not in this, or doing this alone.

So, I woke up, dragged myself out of bed, showered, put on THE SHIRT, smeared cover up under my sleepy eyes staring into the mirror like a focused quarterback, pinned back my bangs to avoid any wispy distractions, pulled on the New Balance for the ability to run faster and jump higher, and grabbed my perfectly creamed to-go mug of caffeinated goodness…

I’m ready.

Ready to conquer.

This morning a great friend of mine is coming to do the ‘woman’s load’.

A small truck and trailer, a gutted out mini-van,

And two determined women is a force to be reckoned with.

I’ve been to the new house, bleached everything but my kids and I’m as organized as I’m ever gonna be.

I’m determined to get this thing done without a hitch.

Who’s with me?

I know He is…

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May Moving Madness~Happy Blessed Sunday to Ya’! May 30, 2010

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Well, its only:

Im pretty sleepy, but even more excited!

Heres another cool video by my talented nephew.



May Moving Madness~No Time For Tired May 23, 2010

Last night, as I packed up box #100, I started feeling extremely sleepy. It was only 10:30, but felt like 2 a.m. My head was hurting, and then I realized it’s because I still had my sunglasses on top of my head from hours earlier. Nice. Staying up every night packing, organizing, finishing school with the girls, making phone calls closing up shop here, and opening up shop there, etc…etc…while still trying to get in some down time has taken up most of my days lately. It’s hard to stay motivated, especially when ‘home’ no longer feels like ‘home’ because it is inundated with boxes and smells like packing tape instead of my favorite candle.


I was losing motivation.

Wanting to take a break…okay, more like a ‘spring’ break.

I was about to quit when it hit me and I just knew…

it is time

Time to take out the big guns.

To unleash the beast.

Time to bust out the one thing that keeps me motivated every time I look in the mirror…



That’s right, baby…it’s Old Faithful

my Wonder Woman shirt!!!

It’s faded, bleach-stained, the bottom in unraveling and I just don’t care.

No matter how tired I am, when I put on ‘the shirt’, I have a rep to protect.

An image to uphold!

I can’t, and won’t let my girl down!!

Let’s do this thing.


(My bloggy friend Heidi over at wonderwomanwannabe.com would be proud!)

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May Moving Madness!~ Life Under the Big Top May 19, 2010

picture courtesy of moosemedia.net

I have to start out this little ‘circus-themed’ post singing…I-T-Y-S! I-T-Y-S! (OK, you have to sing those letters out, with attitude and feeling!)

That’s a little joke between my girls and I. Whenever something happens that we said would happen, we sing the ‘I-T-Y-S’ song.

Oh, sorry…let me clue you in.

It’s the ‘I told you so’ song !

I love getting to sing it to my girls when they are insistent about something, that I, (because I am just so old and decrepit and have been around longer), know is not accurate. When the realization comes that I was actually right, I say to them,

“Oh please? Please can I sing it?” They dramatically roll their eyes, smile and say, “Fine, Mom…if you have to.”

Ahhh…the joys of motherhood!

Why am I singing the ‘I told you so’ song?


(I’m certainly not saying that you were wrong, or not believing with me…it’s just so much fun to sing that song!)

I know it has nothing to do with a circus! I just couldn’t help myself!

Thanks for putting up with me. *sigh* Ok, back to the circus thing…

(*Ahem*…in my best ‘ring master’ voice…)

Step Right Up…Ladies and Gentlemen!! Come join us under the Big Top!

Come and see what amazing and spectacular things we have in store for you!!

That’s right, my fine friends! It’s aaaa-maaaa-zing!!!

We have an address!

Incredible? You bet! Not only do we have an address, but it is in a community with family and friends we love, and it is in the town we call home!

I think God must really like us. *Big, warm, fuzzy smile here*

Seriously, though! What a circus this has been! So crazy!

Crazy, yes…but by far, has been the most amazing endeavor to date.

Amazing why, you ask? Allow me to explain:

It’s amazing, because as we trust… as we walk this ‘tightrope of Faith’, we believe that although it can be frightening, it will not only withstand the pressure of each step, but that it is leading us straight to a sturdy finish. And ultimately, when we get to the other side and take the blindfold off, we look back and realize we were going straight the whole time, and the platform of safety is right in front of us.

We are overwhelmed with feelings of security and excitement, yet as we step onto that secure platform, we turn around and suddenly become aware of the danger that eluded us. It causes you to shudder, whereas while in the middle of that rope, your determination to survive only allowed your focus to be on attaining the prize of security. It is only now that you allow yourself to look at how high up you were, and the incredible distance between that rope and the ground below. But you realize that the distance from one side to the other was only a short one, although walking it felt like miles. You are flooded with feelings of relief, assurance and comfort. And then suddenly, your emotional stupor is interrupted, and the thundering sound of applause breaks the silence in your mind. You hear the roar of the crowd celebrating your accomplishment! You look all around under the big top, and people of all ages are standing… cheering, and you are convinced at that moment that there is not one person under this big top who is as relieved as you are.

However, in my case, the roar of my crowd comes from my Father in heaven… my heart is full, and there is no desire to take a bow.

The desire is only to give one. To bow in awe of His infinite ability to get us from one side to the other, unscathed.

So, as you juggle your way through this life, remember that you do not have to be your own Ring Master.

Put your blindfold on, and step out…putting one foot in front of the other, and hold tight to the balance bar of grace.

One of the biggest blessings to come out of this, is that I have three little girls who have not only walked this out with us, but are now experiencing the fruit of their labor, and filled with a joy that is unspeakable. Every ounce of uncertainty and stress was worth the gift of assurance my girls were able to receive. They will be living directly across the street from their aunt and cousins, and just 7 houses down the road from Grandma. They will be less than 10 minutes away from church with the ability to participate and be a blessing to others through their gifts and abilities. They will be surrounded by friends and family, while still being close enough to visit the friends they are leaving behind.

Smack dab in the center of God’s goodness.

Oh, and by the way…guess who gets to come with us?

Yup, there’s even room for the boys…

So, what’s going on under your Big Top?

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May Moving Madness~Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! May 12, 2010

You remember that, don’t you?  C’mon….admit it!  Whether you were a fan or not, everyone remembers the Wren and Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy song!  I hear you!!!  You’re singing it now, aren’t you?  Hee hee!  Well, I was never a huge fan, but I certainly remember that song.  That was it!  The WHOLE song!  Just Happy Happy, Joy Joy!  Simple, huh?  Here is a list of my simple Happy Happy Joy Joy thoughts:

Happy – Having a God who knows and loves me enough to put up with me..forever.

If I thought it would help, I’d pray for Him.

Happy – Having a husband who has loved me enough over the past 14 years to really find out what makes me smile, and doing it…with a smile.

Joy – Watching my three daughters laugh and joke around like the best of friends…

even after a full day of home-schooling together, doing chores, packing boxes, and going to the dentist.

Joy – Knowing that no matter what, we can live with the glass full, not just half-full.  That’s something to celebrate…that’s living a life of total happiness…total Grace.


This is the particular glass that I have full this morning.

Well, paper cup, anyway…

Life is good…life is happy. 

What’s your Happy Happy Joy Joy this morning?

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May Moving Madness!!! ~Thai Turkey Burgers May 11, 2010

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Thai Turkey Burgers

2 lbs. ground turkey

½ c. Roasted garlic

2 T. ginger root, coarsely chopped

¼ t. red pepper flakes

½ t. black ground pepper

½ c. soy sauce

2 T. Olive oil

1 T. sesame oil

1 bunch (about 4) chopped green onions

¼ c. chopped fresh basil

Cheese of choice (opt…I used provolone)

In a mini blender, or chopper, combine roasted garlic, (click link for recipe) ginger root, red pepper flakes, black pepper, soy sauce, olive and sesame oils. Let ‘er rip until it’s made into a paste. Add the paste to turkey, along with the green onions and basil, and mix completely. Shape into 6 – 8 patties, depending on size. Spray the grill grates with cooking spray to avoid sticking, and grill burgers until no longer pink, adding cheese (opt.) the last-minute or so until melted.

I served these on thin buns with grilled onions, my Asian slaw, seasoned fries, and roasted asparagus… DELISH!

Definitely putting this one in the recipe arsenal!

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