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May Moving Madness!~ Life Under the Big Top May 19, 2010

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I have to start out this little ‘circus-themed’ post singing…I-T-Y-S! I-T-Y-S! (OK, you have to sing those letters out, with attitude and feeling!)

That’s a little joke between my girls and I. Whenever something happens that we said would happen, we sing the ‘I-T-Y-S’ song.

Oh, sorry…let me clue you in.

It’s the ‘I told you so’ song !

I love getting to sing it to my girls when they are insistent about something, that I, (because I am just so old and decrepit and have been around longer), know is not accurate. When the realization comes that I was actually right, I say to them,

“Oh please? Please can I sing it?” They dramatically roll their eyes, smile and say, “Fine, Mom…if you have to.”

Ahhh…the joys of motherhood!

Why am I singing the ‘I told you so’ song?


(I’m certainly not saying that you were wrong, or not believing with me…it’s just so much fun to sing that song!)

I know it has nothing to do with a circus! I just couldn’t help myself!

Thanks for putting up with me. *sigh* Ok, back to the circus thing…

(*Ahem*…in my best ‘ring master’ voice…)

Step Right Up…Ladies and Gentlemen!! Come join us under the Big Top!

Come and see what amazing and spectacular things we have in store for you!!

That’s right, my fine friends! It’s aaaa-maaaa-zing!!!

We have an address!

Incredible? You bet! Not only do we have an address, but it is in a community with family and friends we love, and it is in the town we call home!

I think God must really like us. *Big, warm, fuzzy smile here*

Seriously, though! What a circus this has been! So crazy!

Crazy, yes…but by far, has been the most amazing endeavor to date.

Amazing why, you ask? Allow me to explain:

It’s amazing, because as we trust… as we walk this ‘tightrope of Faith’, we believe that although it can be frightening, it will not only withstand the pressure of each step, but that it is leading us straight to a sturdy finish. And ultimately, when we get to the other side and take the blindfold off, we look back and realize we were going straight the whole time, and the platform of safety is right in front of us.

We are overwhelmed with feelings of security and excitement, yet as we step onto that secure platform, we turn around and suddenly become aware of the danger that eluded us. It causes you to shudder, whereas while in the middle of that rope, your determination to survive only allowed your focus to be on attaining the prize of security. It is only now that you allow yourself to look at how high up you were, and the incredible distance between that rope and the ground below. But you realize that the distance from one side to the other was only a short one, although walking it felt like miles. You are flooded with feelings of relief, assurance and comfort. And then suddenly, your emotional stupor is interrupted, and the thundering sound of applause breaks the silence in your mind. You hear the roar of the crowd celebrating your accomplishment! You look all around under the big top, and people of all ages are standing… cheering, and you are convinced at that moment that there is not one person under this big top who is as relieved as you are.

However, in my case, the roar of my crowd comes from my Father in heaven… my heart is full, and there is no desire to take a bow.

The desire is only to give one. To bow in awe of His infinite ability to get us from one side to the other, unscathed.

So, as you juggle your way through this life, remember that you do not have to be your own Ring Master.

Put your blindfold on, and step out…putting one foot in front of the other, and hold tight to the balance bar of grace.

One of the biggest blessings to come out of this, is that I have three little girls who have not only walked this out with us, but are now experiencing the fruit of their labor, and filled with a joy that is unspeakable. Every ounce of uncertainty and stress was worth the gift of assurance my girls were able to receive. They will be living directly across the street from their aunt and cousins, and just 7 houses down the road from Grandma. They will be less than 10 minutes away from church with the ability to participate and be a blessing to others through their gifts and abilities. They will be surrounded by friends and family, while still being close enough to visit the friends they are leaving behind.

Smack dab in the center of God’s goodness.

Oh, and by the way…guess who gets to come with us?

Yup, there’s even room for the boys…

So, what’s going on under your Big Top?

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Speechless… May 10, 2010

I decided to join this blog carnival that I found via The Miller Mix. I love reading Kelly’s writing, and today was no exception. Her post on ‘Courage’ was outstanding, so, I checked out Momalom.com and decided I wanted in.

Well, it wasn’t too difficult to come up with this post, because it was something that happened just the other day, and is so vivid in my mind…

I can’t type fast enough!

As you know, by reading previous posts, that we are moving in exactly 26 days. Yup, 26 DAYS! You would think that after living in 9 different homes in 13 and 1/2 years that it wouldn’t be a huge deal. You would think… However, it still can be pretty stressful. Not just the packing and unpacking. No…we’re talking the rental agreements, the signing and exchanging of the lease, having every little detail in writing so that everyone stays ‘friendly’, getting the utilities put in your name, ordering the cable and DSL package, or whatever will make computer life happy, the moving truck details, getting the right size boxes and having enough packing tape and sharpie pens so that when they go missing in a sea of newspaper and bubble wrap, it’s not the end of the world… changing my meal planning to paper plate menus and one pot meals, keeping out enough toys to keep the little ones happy, but packing enough to keep the living spaces sane….*breath taken here* Shall I go on? I didn’t think so. You get it.

So, after having most of these things taken care of, and I think I’m well on my way to success, my phone rings. It’s the real estate agent. He’s spoken to the home owner, and decides 26 days before the occupancy date, to drop this bomb:

Our cats are not allowed to occupy the home with us !

Our boys…who we have had for over 6 years, are not allowed!! Now, this is after a full 6 months of searching for that perfect home….in our price range…with the right amount of space for a home-schooling family of five (with incredible references including a husband who can build or fix anything on the property, mind you) and one who allowed pets. Well, the last part was obviously a mis-communication.

My heart sunk to the middle of my stomach.



THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on man! They are fat, lazy, de-clawed cats who delight in getting an ice-cube from the ice maker a few times a day for entertainment!

How much damage could they possibly do?!

Immediately I begin to panic. Now, mind you, I am not the panicky type. Emotional, outspoken and very out-going, yes, but I usually handle stress fairly well. But being completely honest, I think my coping tank was on ‘E’ at this point and I couldn’t take one more situation that was going to force me into hard-core ‘faith mode’. Do I trust God? Yes. Am I human? You bet I am. So, as fast as my little fingers could go, I began to research. More rentals, more dead ends. More phone calls, more answering machines. I had tears in my eyes, and a lump in my throat as I listened to my three precious girls behind me, playing in the background, laughing, without a clue as to what was happening.

My oldest daughter, still laughing from whatever silly conversation they were all having, stopped dead in her tracks once she caught a glimpse of my face. There was no faking this one. She slowly sauntered over to me, her long legs moving so slow I felt as if the whole room had stood still.

With her eyebrows raised in concern and her thin little lips pursed, she quietly asked, “Mom…what’s wrong?”

That’s all it took. I burst into tears (no thanks to my premenstrual condition), looked at her and spilled it.

By this time, the other two girls had come over, speechless. Mommy is not only losing it, but she’s crying? That can’t be good!

Here I was, the one who had been spouting out declarations of faith, and trust in God, and confidence in our decision to make this crazy move,

now crying like a baby and displaying more fear in a matter of moments than I had the last 6 months!

(I know, you’re thinking, wasn’t this supposed to be a post about courage? I’m getting to it.)

She looked at me, put both of her sweet dainty little hands on my knotted-up shoulders and simply said, “Mom…you don’t have to worry about it.”

Still unmoved by her sweet voice, I continued on in my rant, “Yes! Yes I DO!

Either we have to find another place to live, or we have to find a home for the boys! What am I going to do!?”

I couldn’t believe those words were actually coming out of my mouth! What an idiot! Great job, Mom! Way to go!

‘And the award for the worst mom goes to……..’

I can hear it now!

But before God would allow my pity party to continue any longer, my brave, courageous, beautiful, strong 12-year-old grabbed my knotted-up shoulders even more firmly, stared straight into my distraught, tear-filled eyes, and with a still, small voice said,

“No Mom. You don’t. What have you been saying to us? Not only for the last few months, but for as long as I can remember? God has it. He always had, and He always will. Every detail, right? You’ve always said, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow…it has enough trouble of its own’, right?”

I stared at her as if our ages had transferred in a matter of minutes, just nodding my head.

“Well then,” she continued “there’s nothing to do but pray, and wait…and get off of that computer. You need a break!”

What could I say? I was speechless! It was perfect! She couldn’t have rebuked me any more loving or respectful that that! Absolutely spot on!!!

I looked at my girl, my heart swelling with more love, mommy pride and peace than ever, and just said,

“You’re absolutely right, baby….absolutely right.”

She had diffused every ounce of worry my heart had previously housed in a matter of seconds!

‘What a slacker!’ I thought to myself…but before I could run away with that thought and once again, try to make it all about me’,

I was reminded of this:

No, it’s because of all of the times I didn’t slack. All the times that my husband and I did share with them

our faith in the One who is bigger than any problem or circumstance,

and our courage of belief that enabled this brave moment to come to pass.

God showed up and allowed her the opportunity to lay her faith on the table and challenge mine.

It was powerful!

One thing that has definitely changed since that day is the respect I have for my oldest daughter.

I have always respected her, don’t get me wrong. But she showed a courage, a wisdom and strength beyond her years that particular day.

I am so thankful that in my weakness, she displayed her strength, and that I, in turn, had the courage to receive it.

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say,

in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”

I Timothy 4:12, NLT

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My 12 year old…the Undertaker May 4, 2010

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I posted awhile back about my awesome turtle aquarium. It’s so pretty!

Well, in the past month, two of the three turtles have passed away.


What’s up with that? That’s 3 turtles since we got the aquarium!

I am a pretty talented individual, but plants and obviously aquatic animals are not included in that category!

I’m starting to get a complex! Oh well, at least my kids are alive and well.

Although, my 12 year old is almost too familiar with how deep to dig the turtle grave…

and that old shovel is getting quite a workout!

photo courtesy of my 10 yr. old blogtographer

Goodbye, little turtle. I’m sorry we let you down!

(The rocks and shells are the gravestones of all of our beloved green friends)

I guess we need to revisit this post to help us get through this little green guy’s demise.

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Packing kitty? April 10, 2010

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I watched my 7 yr. old skip down the hallway with her favorite heart-shaped pillow

and her baby doll blanket.

I assumed she was setting it up for herself to watch a movie or something…NOT!

This is what I saw when I rounded the corner a few minutes later.

Yes, he stayed in there…for quite a while, actually! Silly kitty!

When McKenna saw me taking this picture,

she informed me that I COULD NOT pack this box with the cat in it.

“That would be bad!” she said.

Yes, it would.


Giggle of the Day… March 26, 2010

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While away on our last vacation, my oldest daughter’s beloved turtle passed…very sad, yes.

The other day, my daughter got this card in the mail from our dear friends in North Carolina.

It’s certainly not funny that the turtle died, but this card was HYSTERICAL! I didn’t even imagine they even had a card like this!

The inside said…”Or he could just be asleep…with turtles you can never tell!”

The next time you don’t think they have a card for your occasion…think again!


The rest of the story… March 20, 2010

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When I am on the computer writing for my blog, our fat, lazy, chicken-loving de-clawed cat jumps on the very top of my computer chair and insists on balancing his beefy belly up there so he can hang out with me while I type. Can you tell by the picture he is the Alpha Male? I have not yet mentioned our two kitties in my posts, but they are an important part of our family.

Their names are Dynamite, and Junior. Napolean Junior was named after a cat that we had who passed away three years ago. We call him Junior. Yes, they were named after that goofy movie (Napolean Dynamite) that you either love or hate. It’s either hysterical to you, or it took 2 hours of your life that you’ll never get back. Anyway, I took this picture of Dynamite yesterday morning while I was checking email and Facebook…


So proud…so content and without claws, it’s really funny to see him lose his balance and scurry off the back of the chair, desperately trying to keep his place. Cruel you say? No… he’s well fed, well-loved by all, and gets to sleep almost anywhere in the house. (Except on counters, leather chair or sofa, or tables of any kind…that just grosses me out.)

He’s extremely affectionate, and loves being in anyone’s lap. His brother, (so we call him) is only affectionate when he wants to be, but is very sweet. He’s a little more skittish and usually hides when company is here. He is really beautiful…and has a strange habit of inhabiting any box, open drawer, suitcase or other open box-like object in the house. He’ll even squeeze his big furry self into a 12 pack soda can box…nice try.

When we got our turtle aquarium I had set it up to put all of the plants and fake tree stumps in there and I walked out of the room for a minute…

Extreme entitlement! Silly Kitty!

Ah, yes, just as I had suspected. This is what belongs in there, silly kitty:

Bonnie and Clyde

If you are going on vacation and packing, you need to just plan on packing your clothes around Junior, because he’ll be in the suitcase for sure.

And, this is what I usually see first thing in the morning when I open my bedroom door:

Dynamite, 'sitting', waiting for us to get up...

He looks like he should have a beer in his hand, or a paper cup… “Got any spare change?”

I don’t put my cats in the same category as my children as some animal lovers do, but I do love them, and they are spoiled, happy cats. My girls absolutely adore them and are responsible for the yucky task of the litter box everyday, and keeping them fed and watered. They are low-maintenance, happy, and a part of the fam, so I thought I’d introduce you.