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Me? A Slacker??!! No way… October 25, 2010

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Yes,  it’s true.  I’ve completely slacked on my blog.  Having said that, you can forgive me, and keep reading, or….or….well, just keep reading.  My summer has been filled with awesomeness.  My kids are completely busy, and now that we’ve started school, it’s only gotten crazier!  We joined a home school co-op which my girls love, and they have all completely taken off with their music.  Kaitlyn, my oldest is playing her guitar and singing like a mad woman, as well as continuing to write crazy good music, my Madelyn-in-the-middle is rockin’ it on the drums, and the little Monkey started piano lessons.

Also, my littlest one just turned eight.  Can you believe it?!  My BABY is 8!  This month begins birthday mania.  Between Oct. 5th, and January 19th, we begin the celebration of every anniversary, and birthday, besides Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.  It’s nuts!

Well, I won’t bore you with a long, boring blog about my busy life, but instead, here are a few pictures to update you a little.  Oh yeah, and losing 55 pounds certainly has been a highlight for me…I started April 15th, and lost all the weight by about the middle of July.  I don’t have much in my closet to choose from anymore, but I’d rather have two items of clothing in the size I’m in now, than a million in the size I used to be!

So, If you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’ve forgiven me.  Thanks.

Pumpkin Patch Day!

My Little Chef…she made our awesome anniversary dinner…featured below!


The hubby and I enjoying our anniversary dinner in  the backyard…it was beautiful!

My handsome man doin’ what he loves…


My sissy and I at the beach….good times, good times!


I think it’s obvious from the above pics that my girls have had an incredible summer…



My girls and I in Charleston…field trip!



I didn’t know monkeys played the piano?  My little girl is rockin’ it!


Pool party?  In October?!  So much fun!


Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures…I’ve missed you!  Let’s talk again, soon…



4 Responses to “Me? A Slacker??!! No way…”

  1. Jackie Says:

    So good to know you are doing well. And congrats on the weight loss, that’s wonderful! Keep us posted with all your upcoming celebration fun!

  2. pastorkay Says:

    So blessed you are back blogging. Love the pictures! Congrats on the wgt loss!

  3. Julie Says:

    It’s about time you got back! Missed getting your blogs but glad you have had a great summer! Miss you guys terribly here in Kingstree! Congrat’s on the weight loss!

  4. Anthony Ehrhardt Says:

    Hey Jeaneane! Looks like u had a great summer! Our son is now 3 1/2 months old!

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