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Yellow Light Testimony July 14, 2010

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We all remember that game, right?! Red light! Everyone stops….and thennnn…Green light! Everyone run, run, run…run for your life! Then…Red light! Remember how hard it was to go from green to red in an instant? Someone always fell over or tripped up trying to come to a dead stop after flying across the yard in the hopes of being the first one across the finish line. There was no yellow light in that game…no slowing down to give you time to think. Hmmm. Sounds so familiar. Oh! that would be because that pretty much describes my life right now! Well, last night, I slowed down. Finally got the yellow light, and it wasn’t because I got smart, or used wisdom. No, it took an injury.

Here’s my story.

I absolutely love, love, love having people at my house and entertaining.

This describes our home:

We love it, but it’s all fun and games until…

We had friends over for dinner, and I decided to make my homemade zeppoles

(a delectable Italian donut~recipe to be posted on a later date) for dessert.

I borrowed their fryer (they live right next door) to make it easier and move the process along. I was once again going a hundred miles an hour flying around my kitchen, cleaning up, getting ready to make coffee..you know, movin‘ and groovin‘. I went to move the fryer over to get to the coffee pot, (the important stuff) when the rubber feet on the fryer got caught up and studdered on the glass cook top stove and hot oil came flying out. A large splash on the inside of my wrist immediately began to burn, along with the splashes of oil that hit my neck and chest. I paused, trying to collect myself, and to see how bad it was. Was I on fire? Was my entire neck and arm melting away? My husband came over immediately and looked at my neck. His alarmed face was sign enough that it was bad. In my mind, I immediately began to pray.

I mean, what else should I do? Screaming certainly wouldn’t have been beneficial, so I decided to go with prayer. Good choice.

Now, you may not believe that God can heal, but I myself have experienced it. Not just once, so, I knew He could, and wanted to heal me.

Even though I’ve experienced it, I still hear myself say,

‘God, help me in my unbelief’…after all, I’m just human you know.

My friends immediately sprung into action, getting all of the items needed for first aid for burns….ice packs, vitamin E, Aloe, you name it…My wrist was swollen and blistering and the blister on my neck had broken open. The pain was intense. My husband and friends gathered around me and prayed, while I placed the ice pack on my neck and chest. I was most concerned about my wrist because it was the one closest to the fryer and got the biggest splash of oil, and I couldn’t bend it. As they prayed, I felt the pain begin to subside. By the time they were done praying, the blister had gone down, there was only some shading left where the blister was, and I was able to move it all around.

I went to bed, exhausted, but feeling pretty good. The big test for me and my unbelief was getting through the night…

once the ibuprofen wore off, and time went by without putting ice on it…

“I know He can do it, but would He do it for me? Now?”

I fell asleep at 11 last night, and slept through until 6:30 this a.m.

When I woke up, my once burned wrist was underneath my pillow,

tucked up under my head without a care.

I pulled it out and looked.

That’s it….that’s all that was left, without an ounce of pain.

I immediately reached up and grabbed my chest, and felt the blister, but no pain.

Slightly disappointed, I looked into the mirror in the bathroom and saw it there.

“That is what your arm should have looked like..” is all I heard.

That one little spot at the bottom of my neck is a small example of what I escaped everywhere else.

(Don’t mind the freckles…= )

Looking at my clothing, I should be covered with blisters.

The oil went straight through my clothes, but never burned my skin.

What did I learn from this, besides the fact that God is awesome and miracles do happen?

Add a yellow light.


I tell my girls that all the time, so I need to do as I say. Lesson learned.

I am thankful to God, and to those who prayed, but I leave you with this:

Let your testimony be your balanced life, not your lack of burned skin.

P.S…I did turn to my girls when it happened and said to them, “This is why Mommy tells you to slow down.” The mom in me just couldn’t help myself. It was important for them to learn the lesson along with me. I took advantage of the whole ‘I say things for a reason’ moment. Moi importante, Mommies.

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7 Responses to “Yellow Light Testimony”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Oh wow…God is great isn’t He?

  2. Jamie Says:

    Oh, praise the Lord! That is such a great story of His healing. What a miracle!

  3. Kerri Lemire Says:

    LOVE YOU!!!! Got prayer request today and have been praying so I’m glad God took care of you! I was very worried. Praise the Lord! Awesome testimony. ♥♥♥Kerri

  4. Laura Says:

    Im so glad it wasnt worse and that our God is a God of healing!!!

  5. kathienoel Says:

    God is so incredible, isn’t He? Don’t you just love it when He shows up and shows you how much He adores you? I rejoice with you today for His faithfulness to you.

  6. yikes! what a scare! glad you’re okay – what a testimony indeed!

  7. Purplume Says:

    Ask and you shall receive. Grace to you and yours.

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