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May Moving Madness~Unexpected May 26, 2010

With all of this going on:

You’d think we wouldn’t have time for this:

Well, think again.

We rescued her on Friday with the intention of ‘finding her a good home’.

Well, with three weepy, already-attached little girls,

we decided to give her a one week trial.

Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. I fell for her, too.

(After all, she has my husbands long legs and my brown eyes.)

After only two days,

After searching for a reason NOT to keep her…

A vet visit telling us she wouldn’t get much bigger,

and that she has an amazing disposition,

there wasn’t a reason to be found.

She’s completely 80% house-trained, is just so sweet, crazy cute,

has the most beautiful face, and has captured all of our hearts.

Introducing Abby.

Our five-pound friend is here to stay.

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9 Responses to “May Moving Madness~Unexpected”

  1. OH Charlie!! She is sooo cute! Congratulations! Can’t wait to meet your little Abby.
    And – after seeing all of your pictures – my friend, I am feeling for you! So many boxes! We have got to have a visit with George!!!

  2. SOOOO adorable!
    How do the kitties like her?

  3. Jackie Says:

    Love it–your husbands legs and your brown eyes. 🙂

  4. Danielle Says:

    Five pounds?! And she’s almost done growing? Oh my goodness, what a cute little peanut! My girls will get a kick out the fact that she has the same name as their Grandma & PopPop’s dog. Talk to you soon!

  5. Stacia Says:

    Oh, that sweet pup! I, too wouldn’t have been able to resist those eyes.

    (Also, my daughter is coveting that princess bag in the first picture. “Princesses! Five whole princesses!” she says.) =>

  6. Renee Says:

    Oh my. Were we separated at birth? I’m always going to “find it a good home.” All four of “its” were going to new homes. They never did leave …

    She’s adorable!!!

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day.

  7. purplume Says:

    Sweet. Sounds like you are allowing a bundle of unconditional loving into your house. Good move even in the busiest of times.

  8. Kelly Says:

    She’s adorable!

    Also, I am in complete awe of your packing. Will come do mine when we move (someday)?

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