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May Moving Madness~No Time For Tired May 23, 2010

Last night, as I packed up box #100, I started feeling extremely sleepy. It was only 10:30, but felt like 2 a.m. My head was hurting, and then I realized it’s because I still had my sunglasses on top of my head from hours earlier. Nice. Staying up every night packing, organizing, finishing school with the girls, making phone calls closing up shop here, and opening up shop there, etc…etc…while still trying to get in some down time has taken up most of my days lately. It’s hard to stay motivated, especially when ‘home’ no longer feels like ‘home’ because it is inundated with boxes and smells like packing tape instead of my favorite candle.


I was losing motivation.

Wanting to take a break…okay, more like a ‘spring’ break.

I was about to quit when it hit me and I just knew…

it is time

Time to take out the big guns.

To unleash the beast.

Time to bust out the one thing that keeps me motivated every time I look in the mirror…



That’s right, baby…it’s Old Faithful

my Wonder Woman shirt!!!

It’s faded, bleach-stained, the bottom in unraveling and I just don’t care.

No matter how tired I am, when I put on ‘the shirt’, I have a rep to protect.

An image to uphold!

I can’t, and won’t let my girl down!!

Let’s do this thing.


(My bloggy friend Heidi over at wonderwomanwannabe.com would be proud!)

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13 Responses to “May Moving Madness~No Time For Tired”

  1. Happy Gramma Says:

    I like it, I really like it! You have to do what you have to do!!!!
    I am following you so please come and visit me @ http://www.happyfamilyhappykids.blogspot.com

  2. OH! I neeeeeeed one of those!

  3. Natasha Says:

    I think we all need one of those!

    Best of luck with everything.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha (via SITS!)

  4. judy Says:

    You’re almost there! Use your powers wisely! (and Good Luck with the move.)

  5. Cindy Hailey Says:

    Ok…So, WHERE do WE get one???

  6. apaprikao Says:

    It’s almost over! In a few weeks this will all be a memory!

    Great t-shirt! I need one. 🙂

  7. Momma K Says:

    Thatta girl Janine! You are amazing : ) What a way to turn a challenging situation into a fun & motivating one.
    I love the wannabe wonder woman link by the way, I’m going to follow her!! : ) Keep up the amazing work, you’re almost there!

  8. Oh, girl! I AM so proud! 🙂 Some days I think I need a tiara AND a t-shirt to summon up my superpowers!

    Cheers to you! You can DO it!

  9. Olivia Says:

    Great t-shirt! Packing is hard work; you ARE wonder woman!

  10. Love it! A motivational T-shirt if I’ve ever seen one!

  11. purplume Says:

    All riight. Now you’re talkin’ I want wonder woman wrist cuffs – yay and the body to go with the tights.

  12. Kelly Says:

    You go girl!

  13. […] night and basically said, “That’s it, woman…I’m DONE!”  Not even the shirt could move me […]

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