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May Moving Madness~One Amazing Ride May 17, 2010

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Please Keep Hands and Feet Inside the Ride at all Times!

You’ve all heard these words at one time or another while waiting for the ride of your life.

Well, sometimes the ‘rides of our lives’ can bring uncertainty. The things that make you go ‘hmmmm’…You know, the times when you had a few pieces of the puzzle, but couldn’t see the big picture because the missing pieces were vital to the completion of the final masterpiece? Okay, enough with the analogies. Let me just say…

Yup, I’m there.

We are moving in exactly 14 days. Exciting? Well, yeah….but it would be WAY more exciting if I actually knew where I was going. Ok, you can pick your chin off of the floor now…I don’t want you to drool in your keyboard and short it out.

What? How, you ask? How am I still able to smile and even laugh in the face of uncertainty?

I have faith in the One who knows best, so believe it or not, there is peace. Stress? Yeah, there’s that, too. Oxymoron? No…reality. My ear is sore from stretching it towards heaven, but my promise hasn’t changed a bit. The promise of provision, peace, grace, and mercy. Just like we have our children’s best interest in mind, He has our best lined up for us already.

Call me crazy, but God has never failed us, always taken care of us, and not a minute too late.

I know you may be thinking…’Two weeks!? That’s not a whole lot of time!’ You’re right. It’s not a lot of time…for me and you. But in my experience over the last 18 years of my life, two weeks is a lifetime for God. I’ve watched Him change the course of a situation in two minutes, so I can only dream of what can be accomplished in two weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting back eating Bon-Bons and watching a Pride and Prejudice marathon, but I’m also not killing myself to do this thing on my own. It wouldn’t be beneficial…not when I asked Him to be in charge. So, we wait…well, we pack, and we wait.

Then we get in, buckle up, hold on to the bar, keeping hands in the car at all times, securing our sunglasses under our legs so they don’t fly off of our heads and end up in the pile of belongings under the big loop… and wait, hearts pounding, with the anticipation of delight.

Emotions are natural…and God given. As long as we don’t allow them to define us, or be our decision makers, they can be beautiful and necessary.

Oh yeah…I think this is by far the most amazing ride yet.


4 Responses to “May Moving Madness~One Amazing Ride”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Good job not freaking out! Yup, we’re there, too, and my ear is pretty stretched as well. I love it when God brings us out of our securities (OKay, I try to love it) to do something big in our lives. I can’t wait to see what He’s doing with you!

    Thankfully, your family is with you. With them, any place is home.

  2. Kay Says:

    Praising God for all the times He has shown up on time in my life! Encouraged by your choice to believe HIM. “Our eyes are on you, LORD.” Our Hope is in You LORD!” YOU are our source, our supply, provider and protector. Speak and we will buckle the seat belts and go!!! or tithe, or give to missions, or witness, or pray for a street person, or forgive someone who hurt us really really bad, whatever it is…You be in Charge I can’t.

  3. Momma K Says:

    Janine, I love reading your blog. I love reading about your faith, and I love how REAL and fun-loving you are at the same time. You’re the kinda girl anyone would want as their best friend. Your girls are blessed to have you as a mama & your hubby to have you as his wife. I know you feel the same about them! : )
    I too, will pray for you!!
    I’ve said it once, & will say it again – you are inspiring!!!

  4. Kelly Says:

    Wow, Janine. I am so inspired by your determination not to take the wheel. I can’t wait to see where the ride ends.

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