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May Moving Madness~Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! May 12, 2010

You remember that, don’t you?  C’mon….admit it!  Whether you were a fan or not, everyone remembers the Wren and Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy song!  I hear you!!!  You’re singing it now, aren’t you?  Hee hee!  Well, I was never a huge fan, but I certainly remember that song.  That was it!  The WHOLE song!  Just Happy Happy, Joy Joy!  Simple, huh?  Here is a list of my simple Happy Happy Joy Joy thoughts:

Happy – Having a God who knows and loves me enough to put up with me..forever.

If I thought it would help, I’d pray for Him.

Happy – Having a husband who has loved me enough over the past 14 years to really find out what makes me smile, and doing it…with a smile.

Joy – Watching my three daughters laugh and joke around like the best of friends…

even after a full day of home-schooling together, doing chores, packing boxes, and going to the dentist.

Joy – Knowing that no matter what, we can live with the glass full, not just half-full.  That’s something to celebrate…that’s living a life of total happiness…total Grace.


This is the particular glass that I have full this morning.

Well, paper cup, anyway…

Life is good…life is happy. 

What’s your Happy Happy Joy Joy this morning?

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16 Responses to “May Moving Madness~Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!”

  1. Haha! YES I totally know that song! Thanks for the laugh in the am while drinking my coffee! Visiting you from Angie’s site!

  2. rudrip Says:

    It is the little things. I am so on board with that. Love the paper cup, that is my little morning happiness. At least three times a week. Thanks for the reminders.

    I am over from Momalom.

  3. Jenn M Says:

    This is a VERY happy post. I love it. And a big ol’ cup of coffee always makes me smile, too 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. Justine Says:

    I only have one daughter now, but I can certainly see how joyous it is to have children who grow up together and who’re bound to each other not just by blood but by a deep friendship that runs down the marrow of their bone.

    Your happy happy joy joy seem absolutely wonderful to me. Here’s to happiness!

  5. Starbucks makes everything more fun!! 🙂

  6. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy…shock! I am thinking that my two 2 yr/old boys are going to be potty trained very soon. ONLY 3 days so far, but they are already saying that they have to go potty, in underwear, and NO accidents so far! I am one HAPPY Momma!

  7. SoccerMom Says:

    Thanks man, for putting that damn song in my head. Havent heard it in y e a r s!

    Happiness means sitting in silence with a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning.

  8. My happy this morning was a double chocolate donuts. OK, maybe 2 of them. Or 3. I really need to stop.

  9. Kelly Says:

    It always runs through my head, too. I guess that separates us from the gals singing the Beatles today!

    Your list makes me happy, too.

  10. Aww, sweet! A little faith, a little hubby, a brood of girls, a little fullness and there you have your happy happy joy joy. Terrific!

    A pelasure to connect with you through Momalom.

  11. becca Says:

    Wow – your happiness is radiating off of you. Really. I love hearing the joy in your voice. And in my head, now that it won’t stop! Sweet post.

  12. Sarah Says:

    Yup, the song is bouncing around in my head. You are right. !!! to that!!!

    And living with the theory of the glass being FULL not just half-full…that’s terrific! Love it.

  13. Great, now that song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. 🙂

    Love your post. And your full cup.

  14. Do you have ANY idea how long it is going to take me to get that SONG out of my HEAD??? haha 🙂 I love this post …

    Oh, but you know the last part adds another “JOY” … Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, JOY! Sooooo, what’s your last joy? 🙂

  15. Momma K Says:

    We must be on the same wavelength today…I posted about what made my heart happy. It was totally inspired by your recent post about “what you can’t see” I loved that you wrote it made your heart happy…so last night when I couldn’t sleep, I thought about what truly made MY heart happy.
    Wonderful post, I love it.

    Thank-you so much for taking the time to comment on my other post about loving my time as SAHM. I’m feel very blessed to have you as my friend, even if it’s just online : ) I will definitely email you soon, thank-you for offering your kind words, support & advice!

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