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Speechless… May 10, 2010

I decided to join this blog carnival that I found via The Miller Mix. I love reading Kelly’s writing, and today was no exception. Her post on ‘Courage’ was outstanding, so, I checked out Momalom.com and decided I wanted in.

Well, it wasn’t too difficult to come up with this post, because it was something that happened just the other day, and is so vivid in my mind…

I can’t type fast enough!

As you know, by reading previous posts, that we are moving in exactly 26 days. Yup, 26 DAYS! You would think that after living in 9 different homes in 13 and 1/2 years that it wouldn’t be a huge deal. You would think… However, it still can be pretty stressful. Not just the packing and unpacking. No…we’re talking the rental agreements, the signing and exchanging of the lease, having every little detail in writing so that everyone stays ‘friendly’, getting the utilities put in your name, ordering the cable and DSL package, or whatever will make computer life happy, the moving truck details, getting the right size boxes and having enough packing tape and sharpie pens so that when they go missing in a sea of newspaper and bubble wrap, it’s not the end of the world… changing my meal planning to paper plate menus and one pot meals, keeping out enough toys to keep the little ones happy, but packing enough to keep the living spaces sane….*breath taken here* Shall I go on? I didn’t think so. You get it.

So, after having most of these things taken care of, and I think I’m well on my way to success, my phone rings. It’s the real estate agent. He’s spoken to the home owner, and decides 26 days before the occupancy date, to drop this bomb:

Our cats are not allowed to occupy the home with us !

Our boys…who we have had for over 6 years, are not allowed!! Now, this is after a full 6 months of searching for that perfect home….in our price range…with the right amount of space for a home-schooling family of five (with incredible references including a husband who can build or fix anything on the property, mind you) and one who allowed pets. Well, the last part was obviously a mis-communication.

My heart sunk to the middle of my stomach.



THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on man! They are fat, lazy, de-clawed cats who delight in getting an ice-cube from the ice maker a few times a day for entertainment!

How much damage could they possibly do?!

Immediately I begin to panic. Now, mind you, I am not the panicky type. Emotional, outspoken and very out-going, yes, but I usually handle stress fairly well. But being completely honest, I think my coping tank was on ‘E’ at this point and I couldn’t take one more situation that was going to force me into hard-core ‘faith mode’. Do I trust God? Yes. Am I human? You bet I am. So, as fast as my little fingers could go, I began to research. More rentals, more dead ends. More phone calls, more answering machines. I had tears in my eyes, and a lump in my throat as I listened to my three precious girls behind me, playing in the background, laughing, without a clue as to what was happening.

My oldest daughter, still laughing from whatever silly conversation they were all having, stopped dead in her tracks once she caught a glimpse of my face. There was no faking this one. She slowly sauntered over to me, her long legs moving so slow I felt as if the whole room had stood still.

With her eyebrows raised in concern and her thin little lips pursed, she quietly asked, “Mom…what’s wrong?”

That’s all it took. I burst into tears (no thanks to my premenstrual condition), looked at her and spilled it.

By this time, the other two girls had come over, speechless. Mommy is not only losing it, but she’s crying? That can’t be good!

Here I was, the one who had been spouting out declarations of faith, and trust in God, and confidence in our decision to make this crazy move,

now crying like a baby and displaying more fear in a matter of moments than I had the last 6 months!

(I know, you’re thinking, wasn’t this supposed to be a post about courage? I’m getting to it.)

She looked at me, put both of her sweet dainty little hands on my knotted-up shoulders and simply said, “Mom…you don’t have to worry about it.”

Still unmoved by her sweet voice, I continued on in my rant, “Yes! Yes I DO!

Either we have to find another place to live, or we have to find a home for the boys! What am I going to do!?”

I couldn’t believe those words were actually coming out of my mouth! What an idiot! Great job, Mom! Way to go!

‘And the award for the worst mom goes to……..’

I can hear it now!

But before God would allow my pity party to continue any longer, my brave, courageous, beautiful, strong 12-year-old grabbed my knotted-up shoulders even more firmly, stared straight into my distraught, tear-filled eyes, and with a still, small voice said,

“No Mom. You don’t. What have you been saying to us? Not only for the last few months, but for as long as I can remember? God has it. He always had, and He always will. Every detail, right? You’ve always said, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow…it has enough trouble of its own’, right?”

I stared at her as if our ages had transferred in a matter of minutes, just nodding my head.

“Well then,” she continued “there’s nothing to do but pray, and wait…and get off of that computer. You need a break!”

What could I say? I was speechless! It was perfect! She couldn’t have rebuked me any more loving or respectful that that! Absolutely spot on!!!

I looked at my girl, my heart swelling with more love, mommy pride and peace than ever, and just said,

“You’re absolutely right, baby….absolutely right.”

She had diffused every ounce of worry my heart had previously housed in a matter of seconds!

‘What a slacker!’ I thought to myself…but before I could run away with that thought and once again, try to make it all about me’,

I was reminded of this:

No, it’s because of all of the times I didn’t slack. All the times that my husband and I did share with them

our faith in the One who is bigger than any problem or circumstance,

and our courage of belief that enabled this brave moment to come to pass.

God showed up and allowed her the opportunity to lay her faith on the table and challenge mine.

It was powerful!

One thing that has definitely changed since that day is the respect I have for my oldest daughter.

I have always respected her, don’t get me wrong. But she showed a courage, a wisdom and strength beyond her years that particular day.

I am so thankful that in my weakness, she displayed her strength, and that I, in turn, had the courage to receive it.

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say,

in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”

I Timothy 4:12, NLT

For more awesome stories about courage, other fun topics, and to join in on the fun, visit www.momalom.com.


20 Responses to “Speechless…”

  1. Jo Says:

    I love this post! Just goes to show what an amazing Mom you are instilling in your children what is right and true. It also shows that you can’t be all things all the time (as I know you like to be). Sometimes someone else has to show you the way! Lo and behold, the message was sent ‘loud and clear’ through your daughter; how cool is that?? love it and love you!
    No ‘cat’astrophy here~
    love, jo

  2. Jamie Says:

    That is AWESOME!! Your words are now coming back to you in the best way possible. Not only are you doing your job, but you’re doing it well! What a sweet and sensitive girl to know exactly what to say and at the right time, too. Good job mama and daddy!

    I would offer to take your cats, but I’m afraid my hubby would lock himself in our bedroom, never to be heard from again. As much as I’d like to help, I think I prefer being married to my man. 😉 God will take care of you all, including the cats!

  3. Incredible! You and your precious girl! So cool that your moment of perceived “weakness” allowed you to see the overwhelming strength that you have instilled in her! Only God can arrange those moments.

  4. Nicki Says:

    Love it! Sometimes God knows that only the young among us can speak the truth. So glad I started at the bottom of the list at Five for Ten this morning.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we’re the adults and yet there’s so much our children have yet to teach us? I love that she came to you with her mother’s heart and her God’s strength and guided you back on your path. Your children have such beautiful souls — and only you could nurture them the way you have.

    Also, I’m so happy you’re playing along with Five-for-Ten!

  6. Sarah Says:

    You have inspired me to make sure that I am doing a better job hiding scripture in my children’s heart. What a beautiful post about courage!

    • Thank you…it is so true that what is ‘hidden’ always finds the light. I am thankful that what was hidden was welcome in the light! Thank you for your sweet comment…I’ll be by to visit when I return home from a trip with my hubby!

  7. jen Says:

    How wonderful that you have instilled in your girls the ability to be strong and full of faith and confident and compassionate. That, to me, is undeniable parenting success. I do hope the next three weeks are easier, though!

  8. alice macdougall Says:

    All I can say is Wow with tears in my eyes

  9. SoccerMom Says:

    I think that sometimes you just have to stop and take a moment to listen. Children do have alot to teach us as we get old and set in our ways.

    Great post!

  10. Amber Says:

    I LOVE this post! Your daughter is proof that you have raised your children very well. Well done!

  11. Diana Says:

    Amen. Your kids are lucky to have someone who has shown them such faith and trust. Of all the things you could pass along to your children, this must be the most important one, at least in my book.

    The other beautiful thing? That as proud as you are of your daughter, God is proud of you for recognizing and owning up to your weakness. Awesome!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet word of encouragement! I was a proud momma that day…and I am thanful for my lack of pride to receive…thank you for visiting and commenting. You warmed my heart! I am away with my hubby for a few days on business, but I’ll be sure to visit you when I return!

  12. Laura Says:

    I needed that way more than you will ever know tonight.

  13. Kate Says:

    This is so neat–you must be doing an amazing job! I saying my prayers that y’all find a place that will let you keep your cats!

  14. Kate Says:

    Stopping by from Five for Ten by the way!

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