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Dip, Drool, Drizzle and Giggle! May 8, 2010

Today is our Mother-Daughter Banquet at church. I certainly have the whole ‘mother and daughter’ part of this shindig covered, wouldn’t you say? The church asked my Mom-in-Law (who is a pastor) to speak. My oldest daughter will be playing the guitar, my middle daughter will be on the drums, I will be singing, and of course,my little one will be greeting people at the door. Pretty awesome, huh? Talk about a family affair! My hubby is the pastor, but he’s not invited.  No boys allowed!

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday afternoon for the decorations and such, then went to the church to set it all up. I took Gracie and Monkey with me to help (my middle and youngest.) It’s a good thing, too, or I’d have been there forever! They were such a huge help…(although I did allow them the choice to either keep their punishment from earlier and go to bed early, or come help me set up. Of course, they chose to help. Smart girls! Who am I kidding…smart mommy! I was outta there in like half the time!)

Afterwards, I came home and started on my ‘dessert offering’ for the banquet. I was also going to make my ‘meal offering’ which was my rockin’ chicken salad on croissants, (to be posted next week) but it was already quarter to eleven. Oops. Oh well, late night again! As I started to set up, all three of my girls came into the kitchen, washed their hands and turned to me with a smile. Now, it’s certainly not routine for my children to be awake and ready to go at eleven o’clock at night, much less me being ready to begin a project like this at that time, but looking at the amount of work  ahead of me, I smiled back and set up their stations. My little sous chefs were ready to party!

OOOHH! Chocolate covered strawberries drizzled with white chocolate!

(I think the inevitable ‘chef’s snack’ as I call it, was definitely an incentive!)

Don’t they look yummy? I am definitely not a big fan of chocolate, but even I get excited about these!

I know, I know…you’re thinking “She’s nuts! Not a big fan of chocolate?!”

Nope…I don’t really get into sweets all that much.

However, I can be a sucker for Starburst and the most hard-core sour candy you can dish out from time to time!

How am I doin’ Mom?

I think she said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow…” like a hundred times!

Oh yeah, I think my help is fading….she’s using her non-dipping arm to hold her head up!

I think I lost the two younger ones around 11:45…and my oldest bailed about a half hour later.

I know it’s late, but we had fun, and it was a Friday night. They can sleep in.

We dipped. We drooled. We drizzled…and we definitely giggled.

Another fun memory for the “Remember that time we…” box.

Here’s the finished product in the fridge ready for the banquet:


Good thing I took this picture…I’ll use it as evidence if there are any missing strawberries when I take them out for the banquet in the morning…

Hmmmm we’ll see……?

Happy Saturday!


One Response to “Dip, Drool, Drizzle and Giggle!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I absolutely love white and chocolate dipped berries. And how cool that your girls were so ready to pitch in. Perfect!

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