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What You Can’t See… May 7, 2010

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Monkey (our 7 yr. old) was kind enough to help her Dad fix her sister’s guitar.

Good thing, too…she’s the only one with an arm skinny enough to get in there!

Here are 3 things about this picture that you can’t see.

1. My husband is so talented and cool. He turned this acoustic guitar into an acoustic electric in a matter of an hour.

2. Monkey is wearing her dress up dance outfit in the picture, which tells me that she and her older sister were in the middle of making up another dance routine,

which we will inevitably be given an invitation to watch later, I’m sure.

3. When my oldest daughter returns home from youth group, she’ll be so excited, she won’t be able to wait to play her pretty, ‘souped up’ guitar…

and that, will turn into a ‘jam session’ with her other two sisters, who won’t be able to resist once she starts playing.

I love looking at pictures. Especially when I am privy to ‘the rest of the story’.

My heart is happy!

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8 Responses to “What You Can’t See…”

  1. kerry bakken Says:

    Sounds like fun! My kids like to rock out too–generaqlly hooting and hollering around the kitchen in a crazy dance party!

    Stopping by from SITS


  2. Magimom Says:

    What a beautiful photograph! I love, love, love the ‘story behind the story’ it tells. Sounds like an amazing one.
    Stopping by from SITS – Happy Friday!

  3. shelly s. Says:

    Just stopping by to say hi…i just received the sunshine award from the Millenium Housewife, who received it from Outnumbered, who received it from you…lol..just backtracking and visiting some new blogs…yours has a lot of personality I love it!!!!! btw i never received an award , i’m so honored, this is a great way to meet new people like you..happy mothers day
    shelly scarpati

  4. Laura Says:

    ohhh that is sweet! My girls are always dancing and singing and it is the BEST!

  5. Sharon Says:

    Cool! I bet you had a grand time singing and playing… how FUN!

  6. Tami Says:

    I’m stopping over from Feel Good Friday:)

    What a beautiful picture, and the jam session sounds like it would be adorable!!

  7. Mimi Says:

    That is an awesome photo! I love the story behind it. We’re waiting for our Worship Pastor to tune and polish my son’s new guitar. He’s so excited to learn how to play!

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words from FGF

  8. purplume Says:

    What an artistically beautifull photo and then you give us all the mystery – very nice. It makes me feel good this Friday.

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