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Mom and Me Meme! May 3, 2010

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I found this great link-up (a.k.a. a ‘meme’ in the blog world) and I just had to join in! So fun! Julie @ The Peanut Gallery started it and I think it’s a fabulous idea. She talks about how moms rarely get in pictures with their kids, and this encourages us to build up our arsenal of Mom-n-Me pics!

Here are some of mine I wanted to share:

↑Me and my beautiful first-born!

↑Me and the crazy monkey girl!

We were supposed to be looking sad here..

I look ridiculous, my oldest looks mad and the little one looks like she’s in trouble. Oh, well, we tried!

Mommy and her pretty girls…love em!

←Me and my Gracie with her new hair cut!

We’re in Disney World!→

↓But this one takes the cake…

I was under the impression that we were taking a lovely mother-daughter shot. Not.↓

↑She’s too much!

I’m glad you can see in the hair cut pic that she doesn’t really look like this.

Me and My Girls↓

Click this link to see more great pictures!


2 Responses to “Mom and Me Meme!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Beautiful girls! I really need to get more pictures of myself. Sometimes I worry that if something happened to me, my kids wouldn’t have any photos to remember me by.

  2. Momma K Says:

    So so so pretty!! All of you!! I love this…how true that us mommies don’t get in enough pics. I have done the “flip the camera around” to take pics of the boys & I – I laughed at the funny face pic because my oldest does that to me all the time! Too sweet. : ) Great photos, great memories!

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