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Asian Broccoli Slaw ~ Healthalicious! May 3, 2010

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I make this slaw for almost any summer gathering. It’s a great alternative to a mayo-based coleslaw…much lighter and just plain yummy. You won’t disappoint!

Click on any of the highlighted ingredients for nutritional values. You are what you eat!

Asian Broccoli Slaw
2 (12 oz) bags of broccoli slaw (I like the one with carrots and purple cabbage..mmm!)

1 bunch of green onions (about 4) sliced on the bias using all white and ½ of the green

2 packages of Oriental Flavored Ramen noodles (seasoning inc.)

1/3 cup rice or rice wine vinegar

2 – 3 T. sugar (more or less to taste)

1 T. sesame oil

1 T. vegetable oil (optional)

4 oz. package of almond slivers or slices

4 oz. package of sunflower seeds (shelled)

In a large bowl, combine the broccoli slaw and green onions, set aside.

Toast the almonds and sunflower seeds in a pan (keep watch on these suckers…they burn quick!)

For the dressing, combine both packs of oriental seasoning from the Ramen Noodles, vinegar, sugar, and oil. Taste it and make sure the combination suits you. Adjust accordingly. (Some like more vinegar, pepper, a little salt…you know…make it your own.)

Place Ramen Noodles in a large Ziploc and crush with a rolling pin. Not too small, but enough to where there are no large chunks.

(If you are taking this to a picnic, or won’t be eating it right away, seal everything up, and assemble about ½ hr. before.)

Place Ramen Noodles, sunflower seeds and almonds on top of the broccoli slaw and green onions. Pour dressing over the top and combine well. Again, taste and adjust seasonings to your liking.

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5 Responses to “Asian Broccoli Slaw ~ Healthalicious!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Yum. This is one of my favorite slaws.

  2. Joni Says:

    I do a variation of this and I love it too. Yours sounds delicious!

  3. Traci Says:

    Looks Yummo! Thanks….

    Here’s mine. Don’t forget to follow me 🙂


  4. Melissa Says:

    You don’t cook the noodles? Hmm.

  5. […] served these on thin buns with grilled onions, my Asian slaw, seasoned fries, and roasted asparagus…  […]

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