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Reflections… April 16, 2010

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As I was taking care of moving plans this week, I was thinking back on our time here

and how my girls have grown over the past three years.

I was looking through all of my pictures and reminiscing, and thought I’d share a few with you.

Christmas 2008

McKenna started Kindergarten here…she looks so little! (wow! and look at all those teeth!)


Madelyn donated 14 inches of her hair to

Locks of Love…

So proud of her…it was her idea for her

10th birthday!


and Kaitlyn went from little girl…

to not-so-little girl…

This is her with Dad at worship practice…she’s getting really good!

But one thing hasn’t changed….they’re ALWAYS silly!


Crazy girls!

Easter 2010

I hope you enjoyed this short walk down

memory lane with me today.

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8 Responses to “Reflections…”

  1. JENNIFER Says:

    Great post. Your girls are cute. My lil diva has long hair. I love it long but I hope if she ever cuts it she will donate it! Right now though she does not will not even think about it. She throws a fit if we even trim it! Thanks for linking up and joining in

  2. I love their names! Especially McKenna! I babysat for a family in college named the McKenna’s and I always thought that would be a great baby name. At the time it wasn’t cool yet. Now it is sort of popular! I love it! Love the pictures. So fun to see how they have grown. They are beautiful! Stopping over via SITS this morning.

  3. sena Says:

    Your girls are lovely, I dont have any kiddies of my own just yet to know how you feel! sooon! 🙂

  4. Ashley Says:

    You daughters are beautiful!! Its crazy how times flys and how they grow sooo quickly.

  5. They are beautiful girls Janine!

  6. Kay Stanaland Says:

    the experience of memory lane with you affirms the good in life, the value of taking serious the joyful outcome of quality parenting, and well as GrandMa! I LOVE IT!

  7. Laura Says:

    I love pictures that show kids growing up. It is happy and sad. We do a thing where we pick an age and then have all of our pics at that age and frame them. it is kind of cool.

    Thank you again for participating!! Have a super weekend.

  8. purplume Says:

    That was lovely and fun to see. I’m impressed about the locks pf love.

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