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Home Economics Students Shine! April 14, 2010

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I had a very specific topic of instruction for my Home Economics students this week.

Not just for their benefit… it’s for their moms, their future wives, and husbands… an invaluable lesson.

Someday, they’ll thank me for it…I hope.

It’s my job as the instructor to provide the opportunity to learn.

This is how it went down:

Warning : The images you are about to see may be extremely disturbing for SAHM’s.

They are not for the faint at heart. Proceed with caution…and coffee.

Yes, my girls and I made the mess….on purpose. It was extremely difficult.

I still shudder at the thought…making the mess, and walking away. Gulp. It was a sacrifice, but worth it.

The lesson begins…

Folding their towels and aprons…organizing their bins…

Look at it sparkle! Ahh, yes, the look of ultimate satisfaction! They’re getting it!

I didn’t know cleaning could be so much fun! (Yes, those are my words, not his.)

The end result, summed up:


In the end, they proved to me once again, that these awesome teenagers are capable of getting the job done.

Great job, guys!

Give them a round of applause!

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6 Responses to “Home Economics Students Shine!”

  1. Aunt Nic Says:

    How did you ever manage to leave it dirty for them to do? How long was the gap between distruction and the team of kids arrived? I’m proud of you! Take on that OCD and conquer it!

    Love to you

    • I had to leave it for 3 hours! IT WAS TORTURE! But my love for the kids, *sigh*, and the desire in my heart to teach them how to clean so that my house is not obliterated every Tuesday allowed me to get through it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. JDaniel4's Mom Says:

    What a great way to teach them how to clean.

  3. Keri Says:

    I love this idea! They did a great job (and so did you!)
    Who are all the kids/teens that participated? Did everyone involved volunteer to be part of it? FUN! Thanks for sharing : )

    • I teach a High School Home Ec. class in my home every Tuesday. The kids in this post are students who attend the Christian school at our church here. I teach grades 9 – 12. I have a passion for both cooking, and teenagers, so I decided to volunteer my time and my home every week so they would have the opportunity to learn and experience the lost art of cooking. It was a great decision! We have the best time, and I will miss them when I move. Hopefully I can keep it going in our new location somehow!

  4. Kay Stanaland Says:

    Love the cooking class clean up and the snap pictures you have added. Really looking good. You make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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