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‘Us’ Part Two~ Baby Lion, Baby Golden Retriever and Baby Otter…OH MY! April 13, 2010

Okay, so yesterday I gave you the low down on me and the man’s story…you know, the 411? I hope you took time to take the test and find out the results. Pretty interesting stuff, huh? The whole point in taking the test is to find out your strengths and how great you are. Uh, no. Yes, you’re great and all, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t need to be continually reminded of our strengths…we operate in them daily. We need to become aware of our weaknesses so that we know what ‘parts’ we need to be building up. How can we be the best wives, moms, friends, sisters, if we are in denial about our shortcomings? Here…I’ll put it in terms us women can relate to. When you’re dieting and exercising to lose weight and you are almost at your goal weight, but the only part that’s not quite there is your butt, you’re certainly not going to do extra arm curls to try to get rid of it. Capeesh? Enough said.

The eye opener for me was watching my girls as they got older and where their personality types took them. I wrote yesterday about the fact that personality and character were both part of who we are, but personality is the core of who we are, and character can be molded and changed.

My oldest daughter is a Lion, with a touch of Beaver, but she’s definitely got a little Otter and Golden Retriever in there. Her Lion can take over at times, and I have to remind her to ‘be the kid’. For instance, she was at her 7th birthday party, (she’s now 12) and was overwhelmingly concerned about the party favors, and the fact that a couple of the kids weren’t getting along to the point that it completely stressed her out. I had to pull her aside and sit on the other side of her emotional see-saw until there was balance. I looked at her and said, “Okay, how about, you be the kid. I’ll be the Mom. Your job today is to have a great time at your party. I’ll take care of the rest. Ok?” She breathed a sigh of relief, let her Otter take over, and was able to enjoy her birthday party.

My middle daughter is definitely a Golden Retriever. Completely loyal. She tattles on herself all the time. She’s sweet and is a great friend. However, she has a tendency to procrastinate, and worry. I often ask her ‘Can you be self-governed? Or do you need a ruler?’. We’re working on ways to be self-motivated. Setting goals and being diligent to complete the task is often the order of the day. I also have to encourage her to stick up for herself. ‘You deserve what you tolerate’ is a motto she is all too familiar with. To build up the Lion in her I give her opportunities to be in charge of a situation. Provide opportunities to operate in boldness. She also has some Otter in her, so that helps. She’s funny….has a great sense of humor.

As for the Monkey? Definitely the Otter of the group. Fun-loving, life of the party. Completely out-going…and she can talk the hind leg off a horse. My lands, that girl can TALK! Ever since she was a baby… we called her the ‘Nursery Greeter’ at church. She would welcome all of the kids as they came into the church nursery, take them around…you know, show them the ropes. Too funny. However, she is also the one I call back a hundred times a day to pick up her stuff, clean up behind herself. She’s got a little Lion in her, with a touch of Golden Retriever. I’m still working on the Beaver in her, though. She’s another one who knows the whole ‘self-governed’ speech all too well!

It’s my job as Mom to train them to live a life of balance. I want to encourage their strengths, but at the same time, train them to build up their weak sides. Yes, their personality is God-given. They are who they are. But their character is what God wants to mold. They can be Lions, without devouring those around them. They can be Otters, and still get the job done. The can be Beavers, and still have faith and a positive outlook. They can be Golden Retrievers, and still stand strong in the midst of trial.

I want to raise whole, healthy women of God, with the least amount of deficiencies as possible, and boy am I tired at the end of the day!

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6 Responses to “‘Us’ Part Two~ Baby Lion, Baby Golden Retriever and Baby Otter…OH MY!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Love this. I recently read a book on temperament, so this is fresh in my mind. The book went on, as you do, to explain that we need to work on our weaknesses rather than simply relying on our natural strengths. So true.

  2. Kim Says:

    Fun test! Wonder how ours would turn out!?

  3. Kelly Says:

    I hope to be aware enough to spot where my children’s personalities are taking over and pushing their character out of the way. I’ll be referring back to the metric as they age!

    • I hear ya! What an unbelievably well-rounded task parenting is…there are so many nooks and crannies and as moms we don’t want to miss a thing. Thank God for guidance…and Grace!

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