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Amazing Recipe! Greek Pitas with Grilled Chicken and Red Wine Vinaigrette~Yum! March 28, 2010

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Marinade/Vinaigrette ingredients

I’ve linked this recipe with Angie’s Healthy Living Blog.com and Watch My Weight Wednesdays.

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I got this recipe idea from a Rachel Ray cookbook..AMAZING!!!! Only changed a few things, and this is definitely a family favorite!

Here Goes…don’t be scared by the long list of ingredients…basically you’re building a salad…that simple!

Greek Pitas with Grilled Chicken and Red Wine Vinaigrette


Zest and Juice of 2 lemons

4 cloves of garlic – minced

1/4 c. red wine vinegar

4 – 5 sprigs fresh oregano, minced

1 & 1/4 c. olive oil

1 package whole wheat pitas

2 lbs. chicken tenders

3 hearts romaine lettuce, washed

Salad ingredients

1 pt. cherry or grape tomatoes, cut in half

1/2 hot house cucumber (seedless) diced

1/2 red onion, diced

1/3 c. fresh italian flat leaf parsley, chopped

3 -4 oz. cans sliced black olives, drained

8 oz. feta cheese, crumbled

1. First things first: Wrap pitas in foil and set them in a 200° oven.

2. For marinade/vinaigrette:

Whisk lemon juice, zest, and vinegar in a bowl. Whisk in olive oil, then add garlic and oregano. Whisk together.

Marinade in the bag for easy cleanup!

3. Chicken:

I use the bags of individually frozen chicken tenders. I open the bag, pour in 1/4 of the marinade you made above, squish it all around and let it hang out until you’re ready to grill it, turning the bag over a few times to make sure they’re marinated. That simple! (Tip: Using the bag the chicken comes in avoids extra dirty dishes, or the wasting of another ziploc! Love it!)

4. Salad:

Salad~before tossage!

Tear or chop lettuce, add onion, tomato, cucumber, parsley, olives and feta cheese into a bowl. Cover, set in fridge.

5. Grill chicken until no longer pink. At this point, toss the salad (only what you’ll use now) with a small amount of the vinaigrette, and pile into the center of a platter. Arrange grilled tenders around the outside. Take pitas out of the oven, cut in half, and place in a basket covered by a bread towel.

6. Serve meal with extra vinaigrette and feta cheese.

Wa-La! Platter full of healthy yumminess!

Gorging instructions: Open pita halves, fill with chicken and greek salad, top with vinaigrette and feta…dig in! Yummy!

What is your family favorite healthy meal idea? Share it with us in the comments section! I’d love to hear from you!


9 Responses to “Amazing Recipe! Greek Pitas with Grilled Chicken and Red Wine Vinaigrette~Yum!”

  1. Keri Says:

    Yummmmy! This looks sooo good. I’m a HUGE fan of greek food so this is right up my alley – I will definitely bookmark this recipe. My family favourite for healthy meals is my homemade spaghetti sauce because I sneak in a whole lot of veggies – I will post it later this week…great idea, thanks! : )

  2. Melinda Says:

    Yum! This is one of my favorite things… Gonna have to try your recipe!

  3. Brenda Says:

    That does sound really delicious!

  4. Mrs. Jen B Says:

    Ooh I love Greek salad, this looks wonderful!

  5. Crazy Daisy Says:

    These look sooooo yummy! Thanks for link’n up to Tuesday Tastes! Welcome!

  6. Kim Says:

    That looks amazing! I want one!!!

    Thank you for linking up.

  7. That looks fantastic! I’m going to put this on my menu for next week!

  8. Angie Says:

    Ohhh I absolutely love Greek food! I think I just may have this dish on the weekend!

    Thanks for linking up!

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