A Spoonful of Sugar

Making every day life as a mom just a little bit sweeter.

Fun Weekend Idea! March 27, 2010

This was our Fun-Genda for this week..my two youngest girls wanted to get out the tent (best five bucks I’ve ever spent on a clearance item at Wal-Mart) and have a ‘sleepover’…who would argue? It was way fun…they picked out their food items for the party, and I moved their television into the tent for movie time. It took me about 15 minutes to help set up the tent/clubhouse. They had a blast! We kept it up for two days. The best two days ever for the girls! They’ve played, ‘camped’, and had picnics in their clubhouse. So fun!

(Yes, that is a Littlest Pet Shop sticker on McKenna’s head. It’s certainly fitting.)


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