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Giggle of the Day… March 26, 2010

Filed under: Giggle of the Day,Kitties and Turtles,Laughing out Loud — Janine Chance @ 4:00 am

While away on our last vacation, my oldest daughter’s beloved turtle passed…very sad, yes.

The other day, my daughter got this card in the mail from our dear friends in North Carolina.

It’s certainly not funny that the turtle died, but this card was HYSTERICAL! I didn’t even imagine they even had a card like this!

The inside said…”Or he could just be asleep…with turtles you can never tell!”

The next time you don’t think they have a card for your occasion…think again!


3 Responses to “Giggle of the Day…”

  1. Keri Says:

    Oh my! That is too funny! What did your daughter think?

  2. She thought it was funny…this is her second experience losing a turtle. She’s 12 and definitely has a grip on reality when it comes to stuff like that. She was sad about the turtle, of course, but she thought the card was hilarious!

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