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It’s official! Now, for my Top 5 Moving Tips! March 25, 2010

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We’re moving.

There, I said it. My husband and I have always prayed together, and separately about every decision we have ever made, and God has been good to us. He has always confirmed every decision first with one another, and with people we know, love, and trust, and have our best interest in mind. So, we’re going. Because God said so. I’ll talk more about the ‘why’ and details of our upcoming adventure in future posts!

Only 297 more to go...or something like that.

We have moved around quite a bit being that my husband is a pastor. My oldest daughter is 12, and this is her 10th home! Yikes, I know. However, this next move will be into a rental, which won’t be permanent, but the location will be. We’re done. Ready to settle in, and ready for my girls to be able to say that this is where they grew up.

Moving on….literally. I have some really great moving tips and ideas to ‘lighten the load’ so to speak, pun intended.

Tip #1. Don’t pack your coffee pot, unless you don’t drink coffee. My beautiful, source of wonderful caffeinated beverages goes right on the front seat of the car and carefully strapped in. (You wouldn’t want to stop short and hurt it) As soon as I get to our new destination, it comes out of the car with me and is given its rightful place on the kitchen counter, where it is ready for service…ahhhhhh! (Those wonderful caffeinated beverages aid in the unpacking process, you know!)

Tip #2. A detailed packing list is a must! I have used one on every move we made after our first. It keeps you organized, and sane. It’s simple, but informative. When you are surrounded by boxes in your new location and get a wild hair and decide to make your kids waffles because the thought of cold cereal for breakfast again just makes you cringe, you can look for box #8, because your detailed packing list said that that’s where your waffle maker is! I won’t move without it.

The packing list...and so it begins....

Tip #3. When packing home decor, I have decided for this move to photograph the contents of each box (of decorative items) and make a separate file of pictures with box #’s on them. I know, you’re thinking ‘That’s an awful lot of work!’…trust me. After moving 10 times in 13 years there is a method to my madness. When you are getting ready to put up pictures and decorate your new home, you aren’t going to do it all in one day. You’re going to want to pick and choose rooms/areas to decorate, and knowing exactly where each piece of decor is really helps. It’s worth the extra step.

Tip #4. Designate an area in each of the rooms in your home for the boxes you pack. If you have a garage, bonus. If not, make a plan. If you start packing and have boxes EVERYWHERE it can get overwhelming and frustrating. Even if you are not an organized person by nature, make this an exception.

Tip #5. Let your kids help. Let them be a part of the whole process. There is always something they can do, age appropriate, of course. It’s important for them to see everything go into the boxes, and then come out again when you make the move into the new house. Also, when they are looking for that ‘one Barbie you packed because you didn’t think she’d miss it’, you can remind them which box they put it in, and they can unpack that box as soon as it gets to their new room. Keeping them in the loop will keep them more at peace, at least it always has for our girls.

So, there it is. My top 5 tips. Hope they helped, if you’re moving, or ever intend on moving again. After this next adventure, I hope I never have to use these tips again! Whew!


4 Responses to “It’s official! Now, for my Top 5 Moving Tips!”

  1. Laura Says:

    Now you have me wondering where you are going? hmmm guess ill have to wait. 🙂

  2. […] the laundry not totally done, and that it’s appropriate to have my hallway lined with boxes, (neatly organized, I must say) and to have bags full of clothing to sell in the yard sale filling my foyer. […]

  3. freelanceronfly84 Says:

    Great lists of moving tips! to add on this, Finding Self Storage helps getting access to several secured companies offering an RV Storage depend on your location, moving boxes, insurance, utilities, mortgage and many other services.

  4. […] peruse my half-packed home for more money making items for the yard sale. Here’s a link to my previous post on moving, in case you missed it. If all you want is a link to the packing list for your own […]

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