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The rest of the story… March 20, 2010

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When I am on the computer writing for my blog, our fat, lazy, chicken-loving de-clawed cat jumps on the very top of my computer chair and insists on balancing his beefy belly up there so he can hang out with me while I type. Can you tell by the picture he is the Alpha Male? I have not yet mentioned our two kitties in my posts, but they are an important part of our family.

Their names are Dynamite, and Junior. Napolean Junior was named after a cat that we had who passed away three years ago. We call him Junior. Yes, they were named after that goofy movie (Napolean Dynamite) that you either love or hate. It’s either hysterical to you, or it took 2 hours of your life that you’ll never get back. Anyway, I took this picture of Dynamite yesterday morning while I was checking email and Facebook…


So proud…so content and without claws, it’s really funny to see him lose his balance and scurry off the back of the chair, desperately trying to keep his place. Cruel you say? No… he’s well fed, well-loved by all, and gets to sleep almost anywhere in the house. (Except on counters, leather chair or sofa, or tables of any kind…that just grosses me out.)

He’s extremely affectionate, and loves being in anyone’s lap. His brother, (so we call him) is only affectionate when he wants to be, but is very sweet. He’s a little more skittish and usually hides when company is here. He is really beautiful…and has a strange habit of inhabiting any box, open drawer, suitcase or other open box-like object in the house. He’ll even squeeze his big furry self into a 12 pack soda can box…nice try.

When we got our turtle aquarium I had set it up to put all of the plants and fake tree stumps in there and I walked out of the room for a minute…

Extreme entitlement! Silly Kitty!

Ah, yes, just as I had suspected. This is what belongs in there, silly kitty:

Bonnie and Clyde

If you are going on vacation and packing, you need to just plan on packing your clothes around Junior, because he’ll be in the suitcase for sure.

And, this is what I usually see first thing in the morning when I open my bedroom door:

Dynamite, 'sitting', waiting for us to get up...

He looks like he should have a beer in his hand, or a paper cup… “Got any spare change?”

I don’t put my cats in the same category as my children as some animal lovers do, but I do love them, and they are spoiled, happy cats. My girls absolutely adore them and are responsible for the yucky task of the litter box everyday, and keeping them fed and watered. They are low-maintenance, happy, and a part of the fam, so I thought I’d introduce you.


3 Responses to “The rest of the story…”

  1. Grace Morrison Says:

    Love it! I should post a pic of my cats right now… Perci, the make is sitting on the table outside on our porch and that is only because his sister, Simone (aka – Moanie) is sitting in the preferred spot – the window box mounted to the outside of our balcony rail… They’re both going to be so disappointed when I fill it with flowers again! 😉

  2. Kelly Says:

    We don’t have pets, but your pics cracked me up. Such classic behavior!

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