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Top Ten for Moms! March 14, 2010

I’m taking a survey of the top ten things we as moms learn from our kids, so I need your help! There are plenty of things I have learned from my three girls, but I want to know about you. Go to ‘leave a comment’ at the bottom of this post and fill me in! It’s a whole new way of ‘furthering our education’!


7 Responses to “Top Ten for Moms!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I’ve learned to do what’s right for us even if it looks different from what’s right for others. Similarly, I’ve learned that there isn’t one right way to do something and just because someone chooses to do things differently from me doesn’t mean she’s wrong.

  2. cleesgarden Says:

    I hesitate to share this, but it’s real and it could be a matter of the future happiness of your children and others’ children.
    I was taught that if I teach my children about everything that’s good, they’ll know ‘good’ so well that they’ll recognize evil. I lived by this concept throughout their years growing up. I told them, and others, the story about the training of bank clerks- The same story I had been told by Christian leaders that I strongly respected when I was a young parent seeking to train up my children in the way they should go.
    This illustration states that a bank clerk in training never handles counterfeit money, only real money…over and over and over again…and eventually, the very feel of the real thing is so ingrained in them, that the counterfeit is suspicious, and therefore rejected at first touch-without the clerk ever having had to study it.
    Likewise, according to this teaching, if we teach our children only what is good, they will immediately sense evil and reject it as counterfeit.
    But real life, not stories, has taught me differently. Children do need to have implications of evil pointed out in their early years so as not to confuse it with good in their futures. This shouldn’t be done in a way that is demeaning to others, but in as simple and matter-of-fact way as the parent can manage.
    I can’t emphasize enough that children really need to be taught about discernment and that what’s beautiful and desireable on the outside is never to be expected to also be so internally. Most specifically, in their choosing of a spouse.
    Further, when there are adverse signs, little whisperings of the Holy Spirit in the center of their being, they need to heed the warning-immediately. Even if it’s the last thing on earth they want to do.
    I am sorry for the negative sound of this, and if you choose not to post it, I will understand. But surely, difficult lessons such as this can be served with a spoonful of sugar to make them easier to swallow yet still advantageous to the future health of our children.
    I have learned this lesson so very late. But hopefully, not too late to help someone else.

  3. Kim Says:

    There are so many things I have learned from my 18 and 16 yr olds over the years. The first thing I learned from them when they entered kindergarten is that there is no color with little kids. They like a person for who they are, not what color they are. I like that! ALOT! In the later years, I have learned it is ok to walk away from people who drain me and/or make me feel bad about myself to make themselves look better….

  4. Betsy Petty Says:

    I’ve learned from my kids how to slow down, put the blinders on and remember that nothing means more to them than quality time with me. I mean QUALITY. I’m a very “job” oriented person and very often I find myself spending most, if not all, of my time trying to keep the house up, do the laundry, cook & clean, run errands etc., etc.,etc. I have a hard time telling myself to STOP, BREATHE, and say it’s OK that the sink is filled with dishes, the house is a wreck, the phone is ringing, (you get the picture). My kids want nothing more than for me to say “YES” when they ask me to read them a story, look at their artwork, tell me about their day or just sit and snuggle. I’ve spent way too many nights going to bed feeling mommy guilt because I’ve jipped them of “mommy time” being too busy and preoccupied trying to GET THINGS DONE(which are never really done, anyway!!). I can see it in their eyes when I STOP, put blinders on to the mess and say,”come let’s read a story” or “put on your sneakers, we’ll go to the park to play.” It’s almost like the look of Christmas morning! They are so excited to have QT time with mommy because I’ve stopped and made THEM my most important job. It’s something I really need to remind myself of often………..but so worth it:)

  5. Aunt Kick Says:

    Here are the lessons I have learned recently
    From my 19 month old daughter, “What’s hers is hers, what’s yours is hers, and if she wants it later…that’s hers too.”
    From my 4 year old son, “Sometimes only cheerios or cheese it’s will do. And cuddling in the chair to watch Clifford can make everything right with the world.” (well for that moment 🙂
    From my 10 year old daughter, ” Everyday is brighter with a little monkey attitude!”
    From my 12 year old son, “Learning to hear God’s voice can be a pain.” This after saving up the money for an Ipod Touch and then hearing God say not to buy it. He obeyed. I wish I was as obedient and as honest.

  6. Debbie Peterson Says:

    There is no expiration date on praying for our children. When they move out, or go to college, as a mom, you find yourself at a deeper level of intercession for your kids. Even if you’ve done everything right, the world is a scary place and the enemy is out there, seeking to devour whom ever he can. And I will be darned if it’s my child! Maybe that’s why God said in his word to “pray without ceasing.”

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