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The Power of Applause… March 14, 2010

Filed under: Juicy Little Mommy Tidbits — Janine Chance @ 9:01 am

Have you ever been out in public, and someone says to you..”Wow, I just love your haircut!”, or ” Great shoes!”, or “Your kids are so well behaved!”? I’m sure you have heard some sort of encouraging nugget of edification somewhere along the way. Consider the boost to your confidence, the added skip in your step. If each one of us did that just once a day think about how many mommies we could reach in just one week!

Hebrews 3:13 says, “Encourage one another daily.” Don’t tell me you don’t have the opportunity…I KNOW you are in Wal-Mart at least once a week! ; )

Those sweet edifying morsels may be just the thing someone needs to keep it going one more day…you know, the someone with the screaming infant, the defiant toddler, the dramatic 4th grader, or the eye-rolling teen. We’re all in this together, ladies! (If you know the song, go ahead, give us one good chorus! Mommies of pre-teen girls will definitely be all over that one!)

Make it a mission. Hmmmm…Who will it be today? The mom in sweats with the sleeping newborn baby? She’s a good candidate, for sure…. that baby is sleeping now because he was up all night! See? It’s not so hard!

Enjoy yourself, and let me know how you make out!


2 Responses to “The Power of Applause…”

  1. pastorkay Says:

    Excellent…paying it forward…changing our environment one attitude at a time…making a difference in others lives…random acts of kindness!!! Thank you for reminding us we have power to change others even if only for a second!

  2. […] sweet 10 yr. old. Share your ‘Middle Child Methods’ in the comment section below. We’re all in this together, moms! Let’s share the wealth! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Memory […]

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