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Mommy Magic!~Re-post! March 12, 2010

It’s retro week here on A Spoonful of Sugar!  Just kidding….anyway, this is another goody…thought you’d appreciate it.  The hubby is going out this morning…8 ft. waves predicted!  Go honey!


“Mom! Have you seen my other flip flop?” “Hey, Mom! I can’t find my jeans!” “Where’s the peanut butter? It’s not in there!” “Mommy, where’s my blankie?”…..If these questions seem familiar to you, and you can inevitably locate the items in question, then you have it. Yes, IT. Mommy Magic. My girls seem amazed when I can walk past them, go directly to the pantry, and find the item they have searched high and low for, in a matter of seconds. They say, “Wow! How do you do it!?” It even amazes me at times. I tell my girls that it’s a God thing. God gives all mommies Mommy Magic the moment our children are born. The magic is even extended for spouses ‘ lost items, because let’s face it ladies, our husbands, as great as they are, are not very good at finding things. That internal, instinctive guide which enables us to find those missing items, and allows us the right to say ‘I said so, that’s why’…because we can’t always explain why or how, we just KNOW. So, moms, stick to your guns. Don’t give in. That gnawing in your belly when your kids ask you to spend the night somewhere and you’re just not diggin’ it…stand firm…that same Mommy Magic that found their special blanket tucked under the couch cushion is the one that is telling you not to let them go. Trust your instincts. God in you is the best decision maker there is. Don’t feel guilty. There is no one else in this world that is going to have their best interest in mind more than you. It’s okay to say ‘no’ with a smile and really be okay with it because you are confident in your decision. So, get your magic on, moms….it’s time to find those teddy bears, those pacifiers, those MP3 players….and say no even when it’s hard and we want to please our kids. Someday, they will call you a hero because of it.


2 Responses to “Mommy Magic!~Re-post!”

  1. Grace Morrison Says:

    So TRUE!!! Again, really great insight Janine! 🙂

  2. cleesgarden Says:

    Missed it the first time, loved it this time. Thanks, Janine! 🙂

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