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Scooby Snack~Tip of the Day! Bedtime Bucks! March 5, 2010

Ah, yes. The old, all familiar bedtime routine. “Goodnight!” …”Goodnight, Mommy!” …Five minutes later…”I said, Goodnight!! Get in bed!” and so on, and so on…until we are about to bust! I don’t have as hard of a time now that mine are a little older, now it’s hard getting them OUT of bed, but I do remember the days! Well, here’s something you can try.

Make ‘Bedtime Bucks’! They are allowed two Bedtime Bucks each (or as many as you desire to tolerate!)Each time they come out of their room, they have to hand you a ‘buck’. When the ‘bucks’ are gone and they come out again, there’s a consequence….take a toy away, make their bedtime even earlier tomorrow…etc…pick your poison. It’s a great concept. You only get two, so use them wisely. Great lesson in high order thinking, and ‘money mangement’ by teaching them that if they are operating on ‘bedtime credit’, it’ll cost ’em!

Obviously, you have to consider age with this concept, and it should be modified accordingly. Below is a PDF link you can print off, unless you are particular and want to design your own. This could make for much peace at bedtime!



One Response to “Scooby Snack~Tip of the Day! Bedtime Bucks!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I need a bedtime bucks for toddlers. My big kid goes to bed without a fuss, but the toddler always has something to say (and say and say and say).

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