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Scooby Snack~Tip of the Day! Sanity Basket! February 21, 2010

Leave an empty basket in a central location in your home. You can even have one for each of your kids. If you live in a home with stairs, the bottom stairs are perfect for basket placement.

What are these baskets for, you ask?

They are for every little item that is left around the house that belongs to your children.

When their baskets get full, a calm plea of, “Come get your baskets!” rings in the air, and their stuff either gets put away, or put in the trash.

It’s that simple.

Make every day a sanity basket day!

(If you absolutely cannot stand baskets, any container of choice will do!)


One Response to “Scooby Snack~Tip of the Day! Sanity Basket!”

  1. Kay Says:

    This is a great idea. Less stress and less mess.

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