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There just might be bullies… February 18, 2010

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I have had a really crazy, busy week. You know the kind where you wish there were 9 days in a week instead of 7? Yeah, busy. I had to go out-of-town to do some major shopping, (I live in a little town with limited options) so I left my two oldest with Dad so he could take them to band practice, and I took Monkey with me. (That’s what we call our 7 yr. old, and it’s quite fitting!)

She wasn’t super excited to hear we were driving into Florence to go to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart, but oh well…this one was not about her…so I thought.

We did our in-town errands, and before we headed up the road, I stopped at Sonic and got her a hot fudge milkshake. Her eyes brightened, and I could see what she was thinking…’this may not turn out so bad after all!’

She had brought with her some toys to occupy her time while we drove, and she began playing Barbies. I smiled as I listened to her imagination take flight. I’ve seen my girls play and use their creative sides before, but being in the car, one-on-one, with no distractions allowed me the enjoyment of really hearing her. She cracked me up!

We went to Sam’s and got an insane amount of stuff, (shopping for church events is always hysterical…75 lbs. of cabbage?!?) so our flatbed cart was full to capacity. She got to push the cart with me, and even got in a few rides here and there…without having to share the time or my ear with anyone. She smiled and gabbed her little heart out the whole time we were there. I believe at one point, I asked her if her jaw was hurting!

She danced up and down the aisles…”Look at me, Mom!” “Watch what I can do!” Was heard by all who were within 10 ft. of our cart. I hadn’t had a day just with my Monkey in a long time, and I was so grateful that our day ended up this way.

After our last store stop, we headed home. Our conversation went something like this:

“McKenna, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Hmmmm…I think I want to be a stay-at-home mom. “

“Really? How many kids are you going to have?”

“Well, I’m gonna have 2 boys, and three girls.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of kids! What is your husband going to be like? What kind of job do you think he’ll have?”

“Um, he’ll have brown hair and blue eyes…and he can have any job he wants…I’m gonna home-school my kids.”

“Wow, I think that’s great! Why do you want to home-school, and where are you going to live?”

“Wherever you and Daddy are, so I can visit every day, and you can help me do my girls’ hair… I’m not so good at doing hair… and I’m gonna home-school, because there just might be a lot of bullies out there, you know.”

“Well I think you’re going to be an amazing mom, McKenna.”

“Yeah, I just don’t want to grow up now, though, because then I won’t be able to go on the monkey bars.”

I chuckled out loud, and to myself…I love hearing her dreams, and sometimes that can only happen when we are together, just the two of us. She was quiet the last bit of our trip home, and when we finally pulled into the driveway at 8:30, I looked back, wondering if she’d fallen asleep. She was just sitting there, pigtails now crooked, pizza sauce still on her nose, staring out the window.

“C’mon, Monkey…we’re home, “I said as she snapped out of her daze.

She looked at me for a second, put on a huge smile, and said, “This was the best day ever.”

I’m so glad it turned out to be all about her!


One Response to “There just might be bullies…”

  1. Kim Says:

    Janine, just keep treasuring these moments and be so glad that you have them now in writing here in your blog. My daughter is now almost 19 and will be moving in August to Gainesville and I just can’t hardly think of it. It seems she was just 2 with little blonde piggy tails dancing around my living room. Now she is a beautiful young woman working and going to college, dating (ugh!) and I hardly see her even though we live in the same house. It is true that time goes so fast….

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