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Making every day life as a mom just a little bit sweeter.

‘The love from ya mutha…’ February 14, 2010

I know, you are asking yourself…what in the world is up with that title? Well, back in the early 80’s, when my family and I were living in New Jersey, there was a t.v. show on that was interviewing kids talking about love. There was one boy in particular that stood out…my siblings and I mimic him to this very day.

When asked what he thought about love, this was his response, with a very thick New York accent,

“Well, the love from ya mutha, is more betta, cause it’s from ya mutha…not from nobody else!”

It cracked us up then, and it makes me giggle even now. He was this cute, chubby little boy, with a sweet face, and a major N.Y. accent. There was such honesty in his tone, such confidence in his answer. You could tell he was very loved at home.

Now that I’m a mom, I look back at that and think of how true it is. I know that Valentine’s Day is the love holiday…usually looked at from a romantic point of view, but today, I’m looking at it from a mom’s perspective. I want my kids to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I love them so much it almost hurts. Everything I do, every day, involves them. Even getting the first pedicure in 8 years…how does that affect them, you ask? I’m a happier, more relaxed, more patient mom when I can pamper myself every once in a while. Trust me, I may be the only one getting my feet done, but they are certainly benefiting from it as well!

So, how can we ensure that our kids know how deep our love runs? Figure out how they show love to others…that is our sign, our indicator that tells us how we can love them. I am a mom of three girls…My husband and I are always trying to find new ways to give them the love, support, and the acceptance they need so they won’t need to look for it elsewhere until God brings them the perfect mate. Each of them is different, and they love and receive love differently, so we love them each in their own love language. For one, we spend time together doing her favorite things, for another, we try to give the perfect gift, and for the next, we do something unexpected for her…speaking their language.

What is your kid’s love language? What speaks to them? What would make them say that “the love from their mutha is more betta?”

Think about it…and by the way, Mom, Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your day, enjoy your family. You’re doing great!


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