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Grace Tickets February 13, 2010

Have you ever seen the movie Anne of Green Gables? Well, we are ‘Anne fans’ here in the Chance household. Even my husband will endure it from time to time. It’s a wonderful story about a red-headed orphan girl who is eventually adopted by an older couple who fall completely in love with her cantankerous and scrappy ways. I am determined to purchase the four disc DVD box set this year. (I’m still prayerfully watching the VHS on faulty VCR’s!) I love the movie so much I named my third daughter McKenna Anne…with an ‘e’. (If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll totally get the reference!)

One of my all-time favorite lines in the movie is when the teacher looks at Anne and says…”tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it!” Ahhhhh…music to me ears!

Don’t we all need to hear that sometimes? We have these days when we are swimming in a cesspool of our horrible mistakes! Yuk! Things we wish we could change…comments we would pay money to take back. We all have them…yes, even you…wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Remember to tell yourself that. Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes, and tomorrow will come, before we know it.

I tell this very thing to my girls when they do something they completely regret. Yes, I would love at times to say, ‘Hello!?! What did you THINK would happen if you did that?!?!” However, just like us, there are times when our kids feel bad enough on their own without our help.

Sometimes they need a ‘Grace Ticket’. That’s what we call it in our house. More times than not, a humbling experience of Grace will change us quicker than we could ever change ourselves. I now find my kids exchanging ‘Grace Tickets’ among each other…beautiful, just beautiful.

Just remember about tomorrow…with no mistakes…gotta love those Grace Tickets.

Tomorrow can end up being a really wonderful word… Have a great, fresh-with-no-mistakes tomorrow!


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