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Fun-Genda Night! February 12, 2010

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Every Thursday night, my oldest daughter goes to youth group. Her two younger sisters used to go through at least an hour of mourning when she left, depressed because big sister was going somewhere and they were being left home, again. Sick and tired of the drama week after week, I finally said, “Why don’t you guys find a way to have your own little party when your sister goes to youth…this way it will be your special night, too.” In other words I was saying…’it’s not about you, get over it’…in a nicer, more productive way.

I almost regretted the suggestion at first, but then it hit me. Let them organize it! I am certainly not opposed to spending special time with me girls, but after home-schooling all day, making dinner, paying bills, doing laundry, etc..etc…I’m not always up for a ‘party’ every Thursday, and I don’t always have the emotional energy to be the event planner. I mean, c’mon, that is definitely one benefit of having more than one child…can you say ‘playmates’?

So, I encouraged them to be the sole authors of the Thursday night ‘par-tay’ schedule!

Well, my 10 yr. old thought about it, and decided to take the reins. She named every Thursday “Fun-genda Night”. Very clever, I thought!

She said, “I named it Fun-Genda Night because our entire agenda is going to just be FUN!” And fun is what is on the menu!

I give them a plastic tablecloth, lots of old blankets, and let them set up a picnic in their room. Madelyn, the 10 yr. old, is in charge of snacks and drinks, and makes sure it’s always a surprise for her little sister. McKenna, my 7 yr. old, picks the movie or game. Sometimes, they set up a tent, or make a clubhouse. Other times, it’s just a bunch of blankets on the floor with the tablecloth on top for the picnic. (The tablecloth ensures that the mess stays in one place, which is waterproof…makes for an easier clean-up…for THEM! That’s the key word here, Mom…they clean up after themselves! I know, foreign concept for some, but embrace it! Fun-Genda Night won’t be a dreaded event that way!)

On the menu for tonight? Personal pizza’s cut into small squares, a ‘popcorn bar’, set up with different toppings (parmesan cheese, garlic salt, etc…), and grape nehi’s. (Grape Nehi’s come from the girls wonderful GranMa Kay…Grape juice and seltzer!)

I know, you’re thinking…’This chick is nuts! Pizza and grape juice in the bedroom!? No way!’ Again, let me reiterate…lots of old blankets underneath a plastic tablecloth! It can all wash! Don’t be a bummer and ruin Fun-Genda Night!

So, tonight when my oldest was leaving for youth group, cell phone in hand, her sister’s were smiling and almost rushing her out the door. Kaitlyn looked at them and said, “Geez! You can’t get me out of the door fast enough!” Madelyn simply replied…”That’s not true! We’re just excited to start our “Fun-Genda Night!”

These are memory makers, Moms…let your kids dictate the next “Fun-Genda Night” in your house…It’s amazing what their creative little minds can muster up!

Let me know about the next “Fun-Genda Night” in your house! I’d love to post it!


3 Responses to “Fun-Genda Night!”

  1. pastorkay Says:

    What a great, healthy, not expensive, sane-for-parents idea!

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