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Giggle of the Day! February 3, 2010

Filed under: Giggle of the Day,Juicy Little Mommy Tidbits — Janine Chance @ 8:12 am

This story was submitted to me by my great friend Jennifer who lives in North Carolina.  She has two kids, ages 2 & 3.  This story made me laugh over and over again!

Everyday after preschool, Harmony, who is three, makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with her mom for lunch.

“Here mommy,”you be the peanut butter, and I’ll be the jelly…”  said  Harmony, with a sweetness in her voice and a smile on her face.

“Aww, ok!”  said Jen..”Are you going to be the jelly because you’re just so sweet?”

“Yup!  said Harmony, happily..”and you can be the peanut butter because you’re NUTS!!”

There’s just nothing better than laughing with your kids!


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