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Let it Snow, Let is Snow, Let it Snow! February 2, 2010

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Up until yesterday, my children had never seen snow.  Well, no significant amount of snow, anyway.


They’d seen a few flurries here and there,but nothing this Jersey Girl would call real snow.  Certainly not enough to sled, or have any kind of awesome snowball fight, but this past weekend, my parents, my sister, and her kids were bombarded with 14 inches.  14 glorious inches of the good stuff!  Awesome!  So psyched!

Needless to say,

there’s something to be said for spontaneity!

So, we packed our school books, warm clothes, and were here by 5:00 p.m.yesterday evening.  The roads were clear, and it was a beautiful drive.  We got here and my girls, (along with their friend, Hannah…aka..Hannah Banana), did their first ever snow angel.   The word ‘delight’  immediately comes to mind!


We got up this morning,  fed the kids breakfast, they brushed teeth, and they were out the door playing by 8:30.  They played until about noon, came in and ate lunch and then spread out all over the house doing their schoolwork.  Some in front of the fire, some at the table, some at the computer…etc.  It was an awesome sight. Then, back out to finish their snowman family!

So, here I sit, finally able to get online, which has been a difficult feat due to either a terrible signal, or the computer being tied up.


Between the 4 adults and 7 children in this 1400 sq. ft. home,it can be pretty hectic… and I love it!  I love the laughter, the board games, the spelling tests by the fire, the sleeping bags all over the place at bedtime….

Most of all, I love teaching my kids what ‘s really important in life, and family is definitely at the top of my list!


One Response to “Let it Snow, Let is Snow, Let it Snow!”

  1. Aunt Kick Says:

    Fun story. Yes family is so very important.

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