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‘Nigh-Night Time!’ February 1, 2010

Do you go through the same bedtime routine without success?  I know plenty of moms who try to put their kids to bed at a specified time, and expect sleep to occur almost immediately.  I suffered with this ‘sleep disorder’ for a little while until I finally opened my fried little mommy-mind.

If you want your kids sleeping by 8:00, start the bedtime routine at say…..6:30…..no, it’s not a joke.  I’m a pretty strict mom,  and what I say goes, but there are those days when our kids are too wound up to go right to sleep, no matter what we threaten…so, I begin the inevitable process early. You obviously can adjust this time to whatever schedule you keep as a family.

We can’t expect kids who have had a full day of jumping all over dad, eating ice cream, dismissing their nap because they ate ice cream, and watching cartoons, to fall asleep in 10 minutes!  

That’s fantasy, not reality.

If their teeth are brushed, rooms picked up, and whatever else you need for them to have done is completed a half-hour before your desired ‘nigh-night’ time,  they have that glorious half-hour to fall into sweet,  sweet slumber… and you are still on schedule, with much less stress!

My kids are beyond naps, but I still need them to be in bed at a decent hour….so the method doesn’t change, only the details do.  Now that they are a bit older, there are more serious consequences for the dreaded, but common complaint, “I’m thirsty…”  when they are supposed to be in bed.

I make sure to spend plenty of time listening to my kids…talking with them, reading books, listening to them read to me…watching their talent shows and ‘oooing and aahhing’ over their artwork.  Bedtime is bedtime.  Put your tired foot down…it’s ‘nigh-night time’!


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