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No Green Peppers, please! January 31, 2010

Have you ever eaten a dish that was made with green peppers? If so, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. They take over! Everything in the whole dish tastes like green peppers! Yellow and red are almost as bad, but not quite. I don’t like green peppers! I think they ruin perfectly good food!

Why am I going on about green peppers, you ask? Well, my husband (who doesn’t like them either) and I were talking about this, (I know, exciting marital discussions) and I said to my 12 yr. old daughter who was in the room, “Green peppers are extremely influential! Whether you want them to be or not, that’s just the fact! It’s like all of the food around them bows down and allows them to be the flavor king!”

I then looked at her and said…”Do not hang out with green peppers!”

She looked at me like I was completely off my rocker. “O-Kay…” she said hesitantly. I explained…”Green peppers are like yucky people in your life that will influence you no matter what! People that will bring you down, make you feel worthless, or try and manipulate you into doing things you wouldn’t normally do. You end up talking like them, laughing like them, and you lose yourself little by little! You need to be hanging out with people that enhance who you are, not drown you out!” Now, my daughter is the only one in the house who actually likes green peppers, but she got my point.

It’s important to give your kids a scenario they will understand when it comes to important things in their lives. It’s a way to get your point across in their language…”a little leaven will leaven the whole lump” is not going cut it…seriously. “Say what?”

Their friends are very important to them, and they should be crucial to you. Who your kids choose to hang out with could make or break who they are, and who they become. Do they have friends who completely change their disposition? When they come home from spending time with these kids, you have to do a complete emotional detox? These are the green peppers in their lives. Encourage your kids by telling them how great they are, and to pick kids that can be as good of a friend to them that they are to others. (If you just so happen to like green peppers, I apologize. Pick your own overly persuasive food and go for it!)

I’ve had green peppers in my lifetime, and thank God was able to escape the over-saturated trance I was in. So, the next time you meet one of these green peppers, give your kids a good fist bump and say “Green pepper!” No one else will know what you’re talking about and you just might save a meal or two!


One Response to “No Green Peppers, please!”

  1. Great analogy! – Maybe you should pitch it to veggie tales?!! 😀

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