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Sample Chore Chart – per reader request January 27, 2010

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A reader requested a sample of my chore chart. This is the one I made up in Microsoft Exel. My girls are 12, 10, & 7, so these charts aren’t very exciting looking…you can add pictures of cartoons, clowns, etc…you know, personalize it for them. My girls change the color of theirs every time I print out a new one.

I also used to do a reward system when they were little. Ex: If they completed everything on their chart for the day, they could take a flashlight to bed with them, or get to stay up an extra 1/2 hour . If they completed everything for a whole week, they would get a trip to the library, or the park.

You know your kids best, so you can choose things that would be great rewards in your house. You can also have punishments for not completing chores…like going to bed 1/2 hr. early, etc. the end of Luke 10:7 says “because those who work deserve their pay.” If they don’t work, there is no pay. Basic common sense. They have to understand this concept, and if you can get it into their little minds early, they’ll be better for it.

Also, I split our week up so that each of the girls get two days a week for certain chores.    Sunday is excluded.  On their two days, they do the litter box cleaning, the dishwasher duty, and they get to retrieve the mail, (which they used to fight over).  Now we just say “Whose day is it?”…makes life a lot easier.

Just click the link below for a sample of our chore charts. I hope this helped…let me know what you think!

Girls ‘To-Do’ Charts

Here are my girls hard at work doing some of their chores…notice how not one of them is smiling? That’s okay, I don’t smile while scrubbing toilets, either!

Kaitlyn, my laundry helper

McKenna, the kitty and turtle caretaker

Madelyn my furniture polisher


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