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Tick Tock, Supermom! January 26, 2010

Filed under: Juicy Little Mommy Tidbits — Janine Chance @ 8:06 am

Remember that old 80’s song, ‘Time won’t give me time…’? (I know, you’re welcome, you’ll be singing it all day now!) Well, it is so true. Time certainly does not multiply and produce more. So, what do we do about that? Get up earlier? Go to bed later? I have a better idea.

Make the most of the time you do have. I know, quite a concept. Rocket science? No, not really, but I think we need to be reminded of it every so often.

Here’s another idea… involve your kids! My girls have had chores since the day they could walk! Mean mom? No. Were they scrubbing floors at 2 1/2? Not quite. But they were picking up their own toys that they took out and played with, and putting their sippee cups in the sink…good habit forming chores. It’s part of their training, and their spouses will thank you someday for it!

My point is this…Yes, we have obligations, yes, we have things that have to get done, but ladies, it’s time to take the cape off! It’s time to let go of that feeling we get as moms and wives that if we don’t do it ALL, EVERYDAY, we will somehow let our families down. I have felt that way plenty in my lifetime and it hasn’t gotten me any more time on the clock.

Remember…it WILL get done. It is okay to put the laundry aside and read a book to your kids, or play a round of UNO, or take a little time for yourself. What good is time if there’s nothing quality about it? Trust me, you will go back to that daunting pile of socks…but you can fold them much easier without having a cape in the way!

So, enjoy your day today. Get your stuff done, enjoy your kids. Even take 20 minutes for yourself to do your nails, pluck your eyebrows…whatever floats your boat…and hang up the cape! Save it for the day you’re really gonna need it!


One Response to “Tick Tock, Supermom!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Yes my wonderful girl, time is precious. More precious than we think. One of my saddest days was when I had to go back to work. You were all big enough and big sister was able to watch you until I got home…but I was one of those unusual moms that loved being home with my children. Homeschooling was not “in” then, but I would have loved it! I am so proud of you and it is a blessing to me to read your blog. As much as I didn’t do with my children that I would have liked to…I did enough fun things with you all to make a difference. Your Dad and I are crazy about all of you!

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