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the power of applause January 24, 2010

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Have you ever been out in public, and someone says to you..”Wow, I just love your haircut!”, or ” Great shoes!”, or “Your kids are so well behaved!”? I’m sure you have heard some sort of encouraging nugget of edification somewhere along the way. Consider the boost to your confidence, the added skip in your step. If each one of us did that just once a day think about how many mommies we could reach in just one week!

Hebrews 3:13 says, “Encourage one another daily.” Don’t tell me you don’t have the opportunity…I KNOW you are in Wal-Mart at least once a week! ; )

Those sweet edifying morsels may be just the thing someone needs to keep it going one more day…you know, the someone with the screaming infant, the defiant toddler, the dramatic 4th grader, or the eye-rolling teen. We’re all in this together, ladies! (If you know the song, go ahead, give us one good chorus! Mommies of pre-teen girls will definitely be all over that one!)

Make it a mission. Hmmmm…Who will it be today? The mom in sweats with the sleeping newborn baby? She’s a good candidate, for sure…. that baby is sleeping now because he was up all night! See? It’s not so hard!

Enjoy yourself, and let me know how you make out!


7 Responses to “the power of applause”

  1. Sue Cannone Says:

    I love this!! I’ll check back periodically. Love, Sue

  2. Wow! You are so right! The power of praise can do wonders for a mom’s spirit, especially if it involves her kids! I used to attend a little gym place with my kids. The owner there always had something nice to say about my kids. Every time that we went he would say something nice that he noticed or say how much he enjoyed them. He made my world!! I even told him that I wasn’t completely convinced that he really meant it each time, but that I was convinced that it was the BEST thing he could do to keep my business. I wasn’t looking for lies (and really, he wasn’t trying to be fake – just nice), but those little compliments were so special to me – a tired mommy dragging her children to little gymnastic classes and having to stay for 3 hours while they each got to go to their aged class.
    So yes, I totally agree and am reinspired to reach out to other mommies – and if I am too busy just trying to keep all of mine in line….I am at least going to flash those other mommies the best understanding smile that I can give!

  3. Danielle Says:

    I know the song, and I’m singin’ along!

  4. Aunt Kick Says:

    Every mom needs them. At Christmas I was in the Christian bookstore with 3 of my children. After about 20 minutes I could tell my 3 year old was getting ready to lose his cool. He was bored with looking at books and toys and my constant “be careful” and “not so loud” were getting on his nerves. As I told him to come to me and take my hand I could see he was getting ready to scream. Contrary to my, all too often response of grabbing him and high tailing it out of there, I took a deep breath and in a firm quiet voice told him that I knew he was frustrated and it would be ok. Just come take my hand and we will go. Miraculously…he did as I asked. I was so relieved to have escaped the screaming meltdown. As we turned the corner into another isle, an older mom smiled and said, “you’re a great mom.” “Not really,” I replied smiling, “but I’m working on it.”

    Her one sentence blessed me more than I could ever express. I don’t feel like a great mom most of the time. I keep trying and I always will, but most days I feel like a big, fat, failure. And then God brings along someone like the lady in the store and blesses me.

    So if you get the chance to encourage another mom. Do it. It very well make a huge difference in her day and the day her children have.

    Thanks Janine for your wonderful blog. You are a blessing.

  5. jan ryerson Says:

    First of all I am so proud of you ! this is great ! I believe your blog will touch many moms.

  6. Justine Says:

    I love when people tell me my son is beautiful or has good manners. It makes me feel so good! I try to tell someone their kid(s) are cute everywhere I go. Even if it is just me mouthing the words to them as they walk by and they smile at me and keep going. That also makes me feel good.

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